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Research and Markets: Vietnam Telecommunications Report Q1 2012: A Penetration … http://sns.mx/u6hdy8

IPTV Google Play Store rolling out to Galaxy Nexus, XOOM, Google TV devices http://bit.ly/wgrSYu

Google Play Takes Apple iTunes To The Cloud: Google rolled up apps, ebooks, music, and movies into one… t.co/pRgcCvOh

Verizon: Our LTE network will reach maximum capacity next year http://bit.ly/yYf1kn

Samsung’s AllShare Play pushes pictures from phone to cloud and TV http://cnet.co/Aum1ng

Will the digital industry catch up? Ditching the RFP: http://ow.ly/9uq5L

OTT – Exclusive: Netflix in talks for cable partnership http://reut.rs/xrPNZr Netflix, coming to a cable box near you? trap.it/hQju85

Brian Sullivan: 600,000 Sky Go subs in 11 months. 80% of viewing in home.

Is 3D Cinema Losing Its Appeal? bit.ly/yXf2fA

Digital cable TV will overtake analogue this year, according to Cable Europe.

Huawei shares 10 reasons why MediaPad 10FHD is already the perfect Pad bit.ly/z89GIo

The future is mobile but it has to be integrated across the business – ping.fm/o0Sap

Mobile operators to loss $1.2 billion in roaming revenue in 2012 due to silent roamers – ping.fm/129Ar

Very good summary of the ideal Apple “TV stick for a Dumb TV” bit.ly/y2xhwo

Mike Fries says free to air critical in Europe w/ 70-80% eye share. OTT not challenging and connected tv a gimmick today. Love the debate!

Fries: Germany for LGI is about scale: Driving broadband and digital. Horizon is a natural ally for Sky Deutschland.

Sullivan: first and foremost we are a content company. Key to success is giving people what they want, not about being a platform, like BskyB.

Apple TV – If an integrated AppleTV flat panel is announced it might even overshadow the iPad news… Will it have PayTV industry quaking in boots?

IPTV growth strong, more likely as U.S. subscriber additions continue apace – bit.ly/y5MNok

ACA: Skyrocketing Retransmission Fees Have Altered Video Market, says JSI Capital Advisors t.co/cWoFJDvM

Welsh trees still need urgent removal for broadband: t.co/PNGq5cNW

Broadcast TV – DVR Usage Increases Five-Fold in Five Years – VoD over Broadcast t.co/c9IGWpw3

Google and retail help seal record ad take for TV t.co/MruKfVbk

LTE – Light Reading- Verizon Takes LTE to Rural Homes: t.co/QeHPLJri

Verizon reportedly is installing LTE equipment in Apple stores for iPad
3 t.co/CFNFfMMP

How to Beat AT&T in Court For Throttling ‘Unlimited’ Service – User Who Won $850 Highlights His Steps, Preps for Appeal dlvr.it/1HXPs0

UK ISPs Lose Appeal, Forced to Be Content Nannies – Warn Law Means Higher Rates, Privacy Issues dlvr.it/1HXPsJ

SocialTV French Looking to Regulate Connected TV – appmarket.tv/opinion/1577-f…

Advanced TV – Sky lines up multi-platform F1 coverage As the start of the 2012 Formula1 – bit.ly/z4ygto

Sprint to Walk Away from LightSquared Deal: Sprint is prepared to cancel its planned network-sharing deal with LightSquared… t.co/agr6Ni2C

Egypt to Offer MVNO Licenses Shortly t.co/1uVXts0j

Is TV Everywhere really happening? t.co/wPz6TEuU

US Now Has More Than 100 Million Smartphone Users — comScore: Yesterday comScore released its monthly report on … t.co/aaVzVuys

Apple video points to 7 Radio Access Technologies (GSM, UMTS, GPS, CDMA, LTE, Wi-Fi) Maybe nonCDMA has Euro LTE bands/US AWS? IPTV New Apple TV Unveiled bit.ly/yB7Ycw. So When Does The REAL Apple TV Come Out? (AAPL) bit.ly/w1OPMF . Apple announces a new iPad and Apple TV bit.ly/zInc22. Apple unveils new iPad, Apple TV box bit.ly/w9Ly7z. Apple’s new iPhoto for iOS is out, get it now for $4.99 http://tnw.to/1DaFS . What’s still missing from Apple TV: A subscription video service http://cnet.co/Aok0Iw. New 1080p HD Apple TV – Apple http://mvpx.tv/AxVBVk.

Top LTE Content for Today – Mar 07/2012 – http://eepurl.com/jRpKn

One-third of U.S. adults will own a tablet by 2016, says report – http://ow.ly/1HTSbW

Blue Ridge Green-Lights HBO Go: Operator Offers Premium ‘TV Everywhere’ Services to 20.5K Subscribers – http://bit.ly/yBYddr

What do people want from their next TV? Nothing ‘smart’ it seems – TheNextWeb http://mvpx.tv/w7sg00

ESPN makes APIs available to app builders http://ow.ly/9w6JV

Fox and Universal titles blocked from Apple TV’s iCloud, HBO is the culprit http://engt.co/y6SOBa

Walmart will make “a major entertainment announcement” with five studio partners march 13 > http://ow.ly/1HU4v5

FT CEO John Ridding: “It could be this year for the 1st time in 124 yrs that our content revenues overtake advertising revenues”

Nielsen: Social Ads Improve Lift 55% mediapost.com/publications/a…

Verimatrix Deploys Video Content Authority System to Protect Emcali’s Inaugural IPTV Service bit.ly/w3HqFr

After Cisco its now the turn of Google to offload the STB manufacturing business – http://is.gd/aOlKp7

Broadcast TV stations using on-air and online assets to educate voters and protect freedom of info- bit.ly/wkMBGf

New pasta-shaped waves hold promise of unlimited bandwidth http://ow.ly/9w8S6

Digital Records May Not Cut Health Costs, Study Cautions http://ow.ly/9uioX