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Cisco in frame for $5 billion NDS purchase dlvr.it/1KBDbV . Cisco In Talks To Buy NDS In $5 Billion Deal: Report – 2012-03-15 09:49:08 | Multichannel News multichannel.com/article/481876… Cisco bets $5B more on video with bid for NDS — another M&A play (real big one this time) to fill a Videoscape gap bit.ly/xP0FgO

Cisco-NDS – It could be what I term as  Cisco’s  long-term Network-in-the-cloud–strategy – could be very useful for them to market to their captive audience viz., MSO’s, Telco’s, IPTV providers – providing them a cloud-based multi-screen play by virtualizing the STB and middleware.

Intel TV – massive success or catastrophic failure? | TG Daily http://ow.ly/1IrnAj

Netflix now used on close to 1000 Android devices. Clarification: Almost 1,000 different types of Android-powered devices stream from Netflix every day – see our blog techblog.netflix.com/2012/03/testin… Comcast streaming usage shown growing too. RT @gip89 Netflix Has Fully Recovered From Its Qwikster Debacle ow.ly/1IrdEZ

Connecting physical infrastructure w/ analytic computing? The Next Wave Of IT Growth? | Forrester Blogs http://ow.ly/9F3ww

Telemarketing trumps telecommunications on Top 10 sns.mx/uWhjy3

Report released by TDG Research states VOD Pay-TV service failing to reach its potential alturl.com/murjc

What is Social TV? Great post & insight from Innovation appassionato NicoBry in our TVEverywhere enablers series bit.ly/zxHcaI

4K Television: The Next 3D? blog.harris.com/4k-the-next-3d/

Microsoft Augmented Reality Concept Fuses Virtual World with Reality [VIDEO] dlvr.it/1K5c0t

LTE/4G – Cricket looks to enhance LTE rollout plan, strikes five-year deal with Clearwire dlvr.it/1K5h0h

BBC confirms Project Barcelona DTO service BBC Director-General Mark Thompson has confirmed that the co bit.ly/yoFCi6

Satellite – The Elwing Company… Advanced Technologies Provisioning (Satellites) goo.gl/fb/Yl752

Satellite – SatNews Reports…On The Road goo.gl/fb/cMx4J

Satellite – TeleCommunication Systems… IRIS Integrated (SATCOM) goo.gl/fb/cZf3m

Advanced and Legacy Ad Systems Starting to Mesh http://bit.ly/wnlGSm

IPTV Navigating the world of social TV http://bit.ly/xEDCkP

Satellite – Newtec uses Intelsat transponder to achieve high bidirectional , unidirectional throughput –http://bit.ly/Ahyb9n

UNITED STATES : Entone’s FusionTV Deployed at Twin Lakes Telephone [TendersInfo (India)] http://bit.ly/xmgBRn

Mobile – Bharti Airtel makes progress towards building a ‘Green Network’ in Africa http://bit.ly/z4VWWq

Satellite TV/IPTV – Satellite Communications Providers See Tougher Competition With Verizon http://bit.ly/wyLreW

Satellite – NewSat Ranked Third in Spance News’ Top Five List http://bit.ly/yyUKbf

AT&T vs. the consumer: the throttling controversy grows – http://ow.ly/1IrRFH

Mobile – Wind Mobile chief pans new Canadian telco rules http://bit.ly/zcsKr5 Canada tackles ‘big three’ dominance with new ownership laws and spectrum plans mwl.me/wu3fqY Canada Allows Foreign Investment in 700 MHz Auctions – Imposes Rules on Upcoming Spectrum Auctions dlvr.it/1KCxh9

Allowing wireless lifecycle management so that IT staff may design & maintain optimal RF environments: http://wifi-cs.co/wuz3fu

Pay TV should use UltraViolet to boost loyalty http://bit.ly/Alyduj

Regionals mean MTS and Sasktel, not Shaw, Quebecor. (See para 134) http://j.mp/wWuH5i

Mobile – Governments Can Cut Their Own Costs Through Mobile Banking Services bit.ly/wjLcbL

Satellite TV/HDTV – Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR System Now Available From DISH (press release) press.dishnetwork.com/press-releases…

Sky and STV plan launches on YouView goo.gl/fb/n2UVl

Mobile – Vodafone forms healthcare alliance mwl.me/xWyOo2 Is mHealth poised to explode? [Infographic] bit.ly/y5YOXy

Mobile’s role against global gridlock mwl.me/ws7GBv

Mobile TV – Open Channel has aired the next generation of mobile TV, based on the DVB-T2 Lite profile bit.ly/xYmy63

Cablevision launches TV To Go portal featuring video from a dozen cable nets, including HBO Go. fiercecable.com/story/cablevis…

CAS – Prisa TV extends reach with Canal+ Yomvi v-net.tv/prisa-tv-exten…

More Czech DVB-T2 tests – http://is.gd/p4mDfp

VideoWeb TV launches in Switzerland – http://is.gd/Y7QWnM

Belgacom and Samsung extend partnership deal: bit.ly/yVw696

The Radical Growth of the App Economy [Infographic] bit.ly/At4iCd

DISH Hops to it – Hopper Whole-Home DVR now available mwne.ws/wfAHJ0

Avaya to buy Israel’s Radvision for $230 million reut.rs/xB2uBH RadVision Finally Finds A Home With Telecom Giant, Avaya — For $230 Million tcrn.ch/xCPvHY

Givit throws FlipShare users a lifeline for their private videos dlvr.it/1KB4Kk

Connected TV – Capablue’s new suite of Connected TV products launched today, check: bit.ly/wz8Slu

Mozilla considers H.264 video support after Google’s WebM fails to gain traction cnet.co/xH4Pdc

Mobile – Korea’s FTC slaps a $40 million fine on Samsung, LG and operators over mobile price fixing tnw.to/1DfZD

Accedian Networks: Virtualising technology goo.gl/fb/zdFAK

Wyse: Putting cloud in the pocket goo.gl/fb/qDQ3n

Configure MOH Multicast for Unity connection and remote branches csc0.ly/6015rDTB

News: Sky News Mobile App revamped for iPhone bit.ly/x13UdY

FTTH – Bulloch Telephone Selects ADTRAN For Transport, Aggregation And FTTH Deployment bit.ly/Az9fu3

EuroRegulators are causing real harm to the EuroTelco industry. Exhibit #1 OFCOMs pathetic multi-year odyssey to auction 4G + fix outcome.

What is Carrier & Spectrum Monitoring? bit.ly/rBJrYG

Over half of media buyers want to trial video RTB – Collective’s report reveals a growing appetite for real-time bid… ow.ly/1i3EJt

Digital TV Test Automation: Top Tips from a key operator customer, download our white paper, goo.gl/OHE5d

Mitsubishi Electric STBs Power KDDI On-Demand TV Service Using Espial TV Browser bit.ly/ytwEye

From our blog: Could Roaming regulation actually impede LTE roll out Informa plays the Devil’s Advocate ow.ly/1i3F0P

Mobile Payment Startup BOKU Raises A $35M Round. NEA, Telefonica Among The Investors tcrn.ch/xtm0qT

Net Insight has been selected to deliver the Nimbra platform for a new media contribution network to Swisscom Broadcast bit.ly/yvqIJd

Capablue – We have partnered with Radioplayer to develop its connected TV experience, kicking off with YouView later this year. ow.ly/9FCBH

Mobile – Police Investigating Mobile Banking Fraud at MTN Uganda bit.ly/ywgdgf

Virgin Media wins London Underground WiFi contract, provides conduit for tube station tweets engt.co/x1aZqH

BBC reveals Project Barcelona plan for pay download service: The BBC plans to launch a paid for download service… bit.ly/xkAsCq

UK viewers watch two months of TV per year, time-shifting on the increase: The popularity of time-shifted viewing… bit.ly/zK9XeB

UK authorities include Netflix, LoveFilm in pay TV probe: The UK Competition Commission has widened the scope of… tinyurl.com/763c8rj

Set-top growth in Russia set to falter this year: Demand for set-top boxes is likely to stagnate this year, according… tinyurl.com/75cgf2p

“Chatterboxing” fever grips UK: Brits are taking to second-screens (such as smartphones and tablets) in – bit.ly/wNwvJA

BBC to bow VOD service: TV News: Thompson unveils download-to-own service vsb.li/Nn01Z1

Broadcast TV – Global Broadcasting Industry bit.ly/x9BwBf

Social TV – Study by Econsultancy suggests 17% of British TV viewers use social media to find new shows – ow.ly/9FHN8

The future of TV: Connected, social and in the cloud – Informa’s Executive Briefing + Analyst Clinic at IPTWF ht.ly/9FI7p

Orange and Intel, bringing smartphones to the masses goo.gl/fb/EJXKW

Sony “credible alternative” to Apple says head of UK and Ireland goo.gl/fb/zyvhj

Smartphones, Oscars and Operators – Pierre Perron, MD, Sony Mobile, UK and Ireland goo.gl/fb/s9zB9

OTT – Stofa considering off-net OTT strategy bit.ly/z9cYe2

Comcast’s Mark Coblitz keynoting SCTE event: says cable needs long term power play to sustain growth, move to the cloud

Research and Markets: Bosnia-H Telecommunications Report Q2 2012 sns.mx/uxhjy3

Cable TV, Wireless Phones and the Great Spectrum Hunt: You may be paying your cable television company or your… bit.ly/yuIOtR

Nielsen: U.S. Consumers The Most Likely To Pay For Content On A Tablet… Except When It’s News vsb.li/B5wbn6

Users Don’t Mind Privacy Violations — If Your Service is Cheap – Average User Places a Value of 65 Cents on Privacy… dlvr.it/1KDLwg

Boku Offers Wholesale Carrier Billing for In-Store Payments: Boku is a carrier billing platform that typically – bit.ly/z17Iz5

Telecom – Rival telecommunications companies blast B.C. over $1-billion Telus deal sns.mx/uwhjy1

IPTVWF – Viaccess & Orca Interactive Provide Viewers’ Choice & Freedom in the Personal TV Space on All Devices bit.ly/zaRN1c

Intel planeja entrar no mercado de TV via internet até o fim do ano IPTV idgnow.uol.com.br/mercado/2012/0…

China To Overtake U.S. In Smartphone Market bit.ly/yhrcde IDC: China to inch past U.S. as largest smartphone market in 2012. http://bit.ly/wBhDDz China Mobile says aims to add 30 million 3G users this year http://tinyurl.com/7ug5z42

Satellite – astrasat.blogspot.com/2012/03/optibo…

Posts from Appmarket TV RSS – TV Apps, TV Widgets, Social TV, Connected TV for 03/15/2012 – eepurl.com/j5luj

Social TV is exploding, but we’re still only in the first inning” Secondscreen TV – WWW.THEDAILY.COM bit.ly/ymv0Mo

ConnectedTV Advertising: Integrating A Multi-Platform Strategy http://is.gd/asMe2q “with Secondscreen, can also display ads synced with TV”

Digital TV Labs Offers Interoperability Testing For OTT, Hybrid And HbbTV Operators goo.gl/fb/Bzuic

Satellite – DARPA Plans to Deploy On-Demand, Disposable Satellites: According to DARPA, part of accomplishing this task will… bit.ly/xgOBpq

Comcast’s Strategy Chief Calls a Power Play-ability to grow is at risk without a long-term energy strategy SCTESEMI bit.ly/AEL5i0

IPTV eBay Goes Second Screen: Watch, Shop, Bid, Buy…Rinse And Repeat bit.ly/zHlp4a

IPTV Kentucky fried IPTV feud rumbles on: Mediacom points the finger; AT&T licks … bit.ly/wqWlcU

LTE – Despite higher network speeds, no FaceTime calls over LTE: arst.ch/swc

DB Kommunikationstechnik chooses KEYMILE’s M2M solution for “Call a Bike bit.ly/wVBbUz

Minerva Is Honored as Shortlisted Company for IP&TV Award for Best Service Delivery Platform for IP TV bit.ly/xrLwG7

T-Mobile talks HSPA+ 84 Mbps and 4G LTE, plans on living to fight another day bit.ly/wtGWvH

From our blog: The future of TV: Connected, social and in the cloud ow.ly/1i3TvA

N.Y. Latino Leaders Protest Aereo’s Plan – multichannel.com/article/481823…

httv will show a preview of its “ HbbTV Starter Kit at the IP&TV world forum 2012 http://t.co/wxoazpLx

Is Google IPTV Middleware on the Way? bit.ly/zlwM2B

Meet our new and improved @hulu video player! Turns out, bigger is better. hulu.tv/1YA

Chart: Reasons Why US Smartphone Users Won’t Make a Mobile Payment bit.ly/yOLwyC

Major ISPs to turn into copyright police by July, says RIAA http://www.digitaltrends.com/webnews/major-isps-turn-into-copyright-police-by-july-says-riaa/

Satellite – Iridium’s Matt Desch details the satellite firm’s future. http://bit.ly/zKbt8n

Connected TV – You have to laugh! “Connected TV company says second-screen apps are distracting” http://www.lostremote.com/2012/02/07/connected-tv-advocates-say-second-screen-apps-are-distracting/ <- good job on-screen apps aren’t!

Satellite – RSCC’s Pivnyuk: Three Ka-band beams is not enough to serve Russia, but enough to test for traction

Mobile – Beware the mobile App – 18 firms sued for invasion of privacy re mobile apps http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9225219/18_firms_sued_for_using_privacy_invading_mobile_apps

HBB TV – httv and Sigma Designs partner to deliver HbbTV solution at the IP&TV world forum 2012 http://t.co/TrkzmSB6

Congress wants Apple to explain its mobile privacy policies http://bit.ly/z1ZPJh

Mobile – India and Brazil will enter the top 5 country markets for smartphone shipments in 2016. http://bit.ly/yohfrr

Cyfrowy Polsat to offer DVB-T service for mobiles http://goo.gl/fb/Px9gN

Satellite – IS-22 satellite is on top of the adapter now. Electrical checkout and then we’ll go on top of the Breeze M upper stage

5 Billion reasons why $CSCO won’t exit the cable biz. http://onforb.es/AsFkD1

Carrier Ethernet – MEF Outlines Carrier Ethernet/Cloud Use Cases http://goo.gl/E8Qtu

STB – One million DVB-T2 set-top boxes shipped in Russia: http://bit.ly/zhLL9l

IPTV TapCast.TV Launches Social TV for Broadcasters, Advertisers, and Content Producers http://bit.ly/ywbklZ

IPTV Mixmoov Announces General Availability of Video Editor for Brightcove Video Cloud http://bit.ly/ztzJDf

FCC to Address 700 MHz Interoperability, Terrestrial Use of Satellite Spectrum: bit.ly/yIN6It

Satellite – What has over 4000 words and contains almost 50 pictures? Why the SatelliteGuys DISH Hopper First Look thats what! satelliteguys.us/dish-forum/279…

Carrier Ethernet – NATO picks BT for new backbone goo.gl/JXiQr

Operator News in Brief – 15th Mar 2012 bit.ly/wpKQVv

Carrier Ethernet – Cox Business, IO to offer disaster recovery service for IGC http://goo.gl/kl1lm

SeaChange: “Conventional tree-based navigation hierarchies don’t work anymore”: Paul de Bot, General Manag… bit.ly/wnN34Z