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Allegro DVT at IP&TV WF 2012: Bulk Transcoding, MPEG-DASH, and Lots More http://bit.ly/FQ3nBX

Infonetics predicts astonishing continued growth in video conference market http://bit.ly/wBosV5

PayTV Operators Added 300,000 Subscribers in http://bit.ly/FQRy9G

Kansas regulators say Google can offer video services (alysonraletz/Kansas City Business) – http://is.gd/GUOH0M

Avaya snaps up Radvision for $230M, targets high-def video http://bit.ly/FRVfzd

Pyramid expects total M2M airtime revenue to grow to $7.0 billion in 2016, up from $2.2 billion in 2010: http://ow.ly/9KBOq. M2M Data to Be Value-added Service for Telcos – Report tinyurl.com/6pmunqe

Ixia stellt die erste Impairment-Lösung für schnellere Ethernet-Netzwerke vor … http://www.prmaximus.de/42160

Ten ways Apple and Google can make TV better via LA Timestech http://goo.gl/jod4g

Mobile – PayPal steps up mobile payment offerings with new credit card reader http://bit.ly/FWC7f1

New Nielsen Ratings to Measure TV and Online Ads Together http://nyti.ms/zUAFlC

FCC: Genachowski to Hill: Repacking TV stations will not impact broadcasters flexibility to use their spectrum for mobile DTV. Checkout Commissioner McDowell’s testimony before the House Appropriations Subcommittee: http://fcc.us/mcdtsmy319. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.): # of FCC employees paid $150,000 up from 46 in 2008 to 431 in 2009 to 517 in 2010 and 535 in 2011. Genachowsk to Hill: I can look into FOIA request-denial issue. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.): In 2010, FCC denied 48% of FOIA requests, rest of government only 7.3%.

Daily Video Industry Roundup is out! http://bit.ly/wwZqKc

Just launched: 14 curated collections of TEDTalks now available on Netflix http://on.ted.com/Netflix

STB – Renesas Introduces High-Performance and Compact SoC for High-End Hybrid Set-Top Box http://goo.gl/fb/DJwD2

DirecTV plans Ultra-HD satellite service http://is.gd/hIgREn

Telecom – European antitrust regulator questions telecoms http://bit.ly/GzGeSq

Safaricom threatens to pull out of LTE venture goo.gl/fb/kfCV5

UQ: “We definitely need WiMAX 2 to improve capacity” goo.gl/fb/pHF6S

Cisco follows its own advice as its seeks to establish itself in video goo.gl/fb/ZebNT

IPTV New Kaltura solution simplifies social video for enterprise bit.ly/GBPaIz

IPTV Brightcove’s CEO: This Is What’s Great, And Terrible About Doing An IPO bit.ly/GBqmwB

World’s richest man launches new TV venture – tvfutu.re/A2uJsJ

Kenyan Regulator Rejects Calls for 700Mhz Spectrum to Be Released for LTE Services bit.ly/GC5tnD

Rovi claims Ziggo infringes its patents; Live reports from IP&TV World Forum in London conta.cc/GCcGDn

More than 66% of people in America watch their TV through the internet. 80% of under 25s use second screen while watching tv, so tablet or smartphone interactive tv is a lot more serious than we thought.

Towards increased broadband penetration & IPTV adoption : Anil Prakash, Secretary General, IPTV Forum, India… bit.ly/wrvBXb

Verimatrix Enables TV Everywhere for SBB and Telemach bit.ly/GAR1NB. Verimatrix‘s VCAS3 solutions has been selected for the IPTV and multi-screen upgrade at Chunghwa Telecom bit.ly/GBmqhx

Competition to boost PayTV in Middle East and North Africa bit.ly/GzGkw5

HTTV_hightechTVcheck out the post on httv in Nokia Qt’s blog on iptv world forum 2012 in London http://t.co/SxgrwVbq

IPTV: TV mit allen Online-Werbemöglichkeiten. Artikel von Kollege Philip Missler (Interactive Media): adzine.de/de/site/6748/p…

Huawei Announces ‘Beyond LTE’ 30Gbps Tech: Beyond LTE will be up to 20x faster => bringing it! bit.ly/GBoRyF

Etisalat eyes mobile remittances in Gulf reut.rs/FPeLcC. Will be interesting to see which operators follow suit..

Cable TV – Cable operators gobbled up 75% of new subscribers in 2011. Up 25M subscribers over the 5 years bit.ly/GCkuam

TV App Agency debuts cross-platform app tools for smart TVs Stream_Videobit.ly/GBsGce

IPTV T-HT Selects Mariner for IPTV Service Monitoring bit.ly/GCzuDV

IPTV iBAHN’s Newest Whitepaper Helps Hoteliers Use IPTV to Build Revenue bit.ly/GCzx2v

IPTV/Social TV –  Social TV’s Evolution Ushers In New Era Of Content Creation bit.ly/GD5W6G

Social TV – Social media will help TV broadcasters to boost interaction, says Twitter exec bit.ly/GC3C4n

Carrier Ethernet – Cloud Plus Carrier Ethernet Equals Success for Equinix goo.gl/ajwO2

IPTV – Netgem new IPTV solution dramatically reduces the overall cost for Broadband Operators reut.rs/GBNRWt

IPTV/OTT – Anevia updates IPTV, OTT multiscreen products bit.ly/GCfIdC Anevia and Elemental Provide Over-the-Top TV Solution for Can’L bit.ly/GCMuVO

Net Insight Wins Prestigious SCTE 2012 Technological Innovation Award bit.ly/GCMuVS

International Research Firm Parks Associates to present consumer research and OTT video business strategies at 2… bit.ly/GCRiiX

OTT/Cable TV – Who will be the first Virtual MSO? Probably the cable cos – OTTCON

OTT – Most TV will be streaming in the next 4 years. OTTCON

Euronews: France Grills Google and NSN gets more LTE TDD biz at STC lightreading.com/document.asp?d…

Telecom/Mobile – Sprint Nextel faces “very legitimate risk” of bankruptcy goo.gl/fb/UiGEa

Mobile – Windows Phone has finally started outselling Symbian in the UK, but just barely bit.ly/GAKjXx

Cloudcomputing case study: Orange promotes Cloud Pro for SMEs- ow.ly/9Lpyh

OTT – TeleCable to Launch Over-The-Top (OTT) Services Built on CodecSys bit.ly/GAya6k

Telecom/Mobile – Chinese regulators drag their heels on Google-Motorola deal cnet.co/GAKwKk

Broadcasters looking to Twitter for interaction dlvr.it/1LBnXr

Reducing Complexity, Reducing Cost: Sprint Biz 360 Helps Small Business Go Mobile owl.li/9z5ew

AirTouch Communications Ramps Up Production of SmartLinX Device Connecting … sns.mx/uAhmy5

IneoQuest debuts end-to-end QoS, QoE monitoring for multiscreen video bit.ly/zMdLOX

New iPad brews signaling storm ow.ly/9KDr9

Latest SA Report: Service Provider Quarterly Recap and Guidance: DirecTV (DTV) CYQ4’11 sa-link.cc/SPS200312

IPTV TAA makes connected TV apps easier with multi-manufacturer solution bit.ly/GClQTf

IPTV All3Media seeks to monetise archived shows with connected TV app bit.ly/GCz9ji

IPTV Apple TV is clearly getting better bit.ly/GClRGN

IPTV Understanding Apple TV, mirroring, and aspect ratio bit.ly/GClQTa

Steve Jobs may have advanced TV viewing by killing off Flash and pushing HTML5, which will power all hybrid, multiscreen video offerings.

Mobile News Consumption in the U.S. 2012: ow.ly/9LsQk

Telecom – M2M Data to Be Value-added Service for Telcos – Report tinyurl.com/6pmunqe

IPTV – TDS launches IPTV service in La Vergne, Tenn. bit.ly/FPYpVC

Social TV – Why NBC News Bets on SocialTV: bit.ly/zPhQ2v

Premium Nets Added 2.2 Million Subs in Q4 2011 – SNL Kagan snl.com/InteractiveX/A…

IPTV All3Media Launch A3M Connected TV App bit.ly/GDWyjj

IP&TV World Forum changes its name to TV Connect – congratulations on the re-naming.

Avid to Squeeze Workflow Sorenson Media – new.blog.sorensonmedia.com/2012/03/avid-t…

LTE/Mobile – Verizon gets a rural partner to bring LTE to Alaska. fiercemobilecontent.com/press-releases…

Global SPSR Market Will Reach US$20.5bn in 2017 bit.ly/GAMNTa

Far Eastern University Upgrades to HD With Broadcast Pix Granite ow.ly/9LHrs

Naugu.tv and RGB Networks combine to provide deployment-reday multiscreen solution bit.ly/GCJtoG

Satellite – VSAT Systems Asserts Rights Under CAFTA; Challenges Latest MINAET Request … sns.mx/uIhny3

Content is still king in the new TV – from espn to netflix OTTCON

STB – Latest Set-Top Box IC Family from STMicroelectronics Provides Platform for Innovative Next… goo.gl/fb/pz9xd

Detailed data on network news from the SOTNM: pewrsr.ch/GDbgWy

Satellite TV – Find Satellite TV in Texas with New Search Website BundleMyBills.com: New home service comparison website Bund… bit.ly/GCL261

OTT – Netflix Doesn’t Want You To Sue Them, According To New Terms Of Service tcrn.ch/GANpvP

NBC gives Brightcove App Cloud Emmy award with iPad screener app: rapidtvnews.com/index.php/2012…

People interested in a la carte content but TV industry is based on bundles. OTTCON

Want easier access to Wi-Fi hot spots from your smartphone or tablet? The wireless industry wants to help cnet.co/GB9yZR

Looking for Transcoding? Amazon Offers More than Books – Onlinevideo.net mvpx.tv/GANtMd

A First in Canada: Bell is Building 30-Metre Cellphone Towers Disguised as Trees ht.ly/9LKGX

Pay TV Operators Added 300,000 Subscribers in Fourth Quarter shar.es/pc0V6; subscriptions up, premiums too!

Britain’s candle vs rest of Europe’s light bulb UK at back of broadband pack, technology leader warns gu.com/p/36anb/tw

OTT – Anthony Wood, Founder/CEO RokuPlayer, says OTT platforms shifting. From game consoles (1st) to Roku-like box & smart-TVs. Tablets?

Satellite – ASTRA confirms market leadership in Austria bit.ly/GBsofx

Q4 roundup: ILECs bulked up on video, business and broadband goo.gl/2UUOb

Debating OTT business models with Irdeto, accedotv Microsoft ITV + ParksAssociates ottss2012 IPTVwf bit.ly/GBSEdO

Mobile/LTE – ZTE N910 clears the FCC with LTE radio bands bit.ly/GCI69m

Cable TV – marketwatch.com/story/comcast-…, new RGU for Comcast

Partner company Access has announced the UK launch of NetFront Browser NX 2.0 DTV Profile: bit.ly/GCkbh5

LightSquared Exec Crosses the Atlantic to Head O2’s Business Development Team bit.ly/GDx5Hy

Satellite – Santiago island of Philippines- SintelSat working with Dept of Education & Cisco to provide broadband to children in 5 schools as humanitarian project…

Satellite – ViaSat Fields Satellite Access Management System for U.S. Military bit.ly/GEjZKV

Satellite – STM Adds DVB-RCS2 Capability to SatLink VSATs, Hubs bit.ly/GDOFZV

Satellite – MTN Upgrades Maritime Satellite TV Service for Wi-Fi Enabled Devices bit.ly/GDOIox

OTT – Social content and apps will be necessary as TV matures? True or False? OTTCON

Satellite – EUTELSAT… Tying Into Transponders (SATCOM) bit.ly/GzIz2t

Cable TV/IPTV – MSOs must bust out bandwidth for IPTV leap- Marwan Fawaz says 24-32 chnls needed for full IP video simulcast bit.ly/GBo0SC

OTT – No evidence of cord cutting? 90% of US homes have cable. OTTCON

OTT – More availability of online media in next 4 years. OTTCON

OTT – Billions of dollars backing traditional TV. Content creators, MSOs, advertisers – all want old TV to win. OTTCON

OTT – Personalized digital media will increase online video monetization. Sean Knapp OTTCON

IPTV Does Limelight Networks Measure Up? bit.ly/GDBsVD

IPTV Apple TV Teardown Reveals Single Core A5 bit.ly/GDBsVz

IPTV How to Airplay DVD Movies to Apple TV bit.ly/GDBrBb

OTT – Ooyala powers online video for ESPN – solving the dead end experience online. Auto plays next content. Sean Knapp OTTCON

GSMA, WBA collaborate to simplify WiFi hotspot access: bit.ly/GDMwgJ

Orga presents solutions made for living in a connected world: bit.ly/GDMupg

Interxion connects Hilversum’s media community to their Amsterdam campus: bit.ly/GDMw0s

Sony launches +U volunteering app: bit.ly/GDMupe

Mobile – Reality Check: Femtocells versus Wi-Fi hotspots – What is the best solution for Brazilian carriers?: Brazil’s re… bit.ly/GDciYi

OTT/Smart TV – Apps don’t replace TV – they belong on the second screen OTTCON

OTT/STB – aioTV OTT platform optimized for Amino’s Aminet A140 IPTV/OTT set-top boxes – bit.ly/GBslTd

Social TV engages fans on all screens. But most TV is lean back OTTCON

Social TV is all about discovery and discovery drives engagement. OTTCON

Diller-backed Aereo countersues Fox, PBS (Jonathan Stempel/Reuters) – http://is.gd/euii2g

Social TV – No one will ever put Facebook on a big TV screen. Too personal for a large screen. OTTCON

OTT – Lots of love for AppleTV at OTTCONGoogleTV? Not so much from this panel. “There are as many people in the audience with no opinion on AppleTV as are on my panel” OTTCON

OTT -Don’t be silly – Netflix won’t break the Internet! OTTCON

IPTV – BBC World Service launches its first live IPTV service: BBC World Service has launched its first Internet Protocol… bit.ly/GDm8TF

DTT- Ecuador to begin DTT trials in second half of 2012 goo.gl/fb/yxmcB

Costa Rica begins transition to digital TV [es] goo.gl/fb/4QXmB

What is EVDO and How Does It Work? bit.ly/GCVThL

Social TV – Facebook vs. Twitter – who wins SocialTV? OTTCON

Check out our CEO’s conversation with Robert Scoble from Rackspace “Video editing comes to cloud with WeVideo”: youtu.be/rpWvD-rxWgI

Satellite – A list of upcoming Intelsat events & conferences… ow.ly/9lGIB

5G and the future of smart WI-Fi, networks read SIM cards to authenticate – lightreading.com/document.asp?d…

Blog from IPTVWF: What’s next for multi-screen? bit.ly/GCJX4P