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How TwitchTV Built a Vibrant Community Around Game Streaming dlvr.it/1LJS3f

Twitter: “Social TV is based on a fundamental human impulse”: With social media initiatives being a key factor… bit.ly/GEEzwy

MTV: “Social media can’t make bad content good, but it can make good content great”: Kristin Frank… bit.ly/GDhBCe

IP&TV WF: Chunghwa Telecom prepares for IPTV upgrade: Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom has selected solutions from… bit.ly/GEEzwu

LTE/4G – Usage and 4G to push mobile advertisingping.fm/1Y6Am

Indian DTH signals jammed by rival cable operators is.gd/SjUf1N

Too many video ad startups too focused on tech and not on audience/marketing objectives, say OMD – IPTVWF

The average household has 2.3 TV sets, 1.51 laptops, 0.77 smartphones and 0.33 tablets on while we watch TV Advanced television

Satellite – NewSat signs $32M contract for Jabiru Satellite capacity arnnet.com.au/article/419016

Extended Basic Channels Costs 31% Less in Competitive Markets – Competition Also Keeps Channels Out of More… dlvr.it/1LSM8d

OTT – How Netflix figures out what you really want to watch bit.ly/GCCbTP

IPTV – Ericsson highlights multiscreen and IPTV middleware bit.ly/GHCyNH

IPTV – BSkyB to launch pay-as-you-go IPTV service called Now TV bit.ly/GDARO9 Sky reveals Now TV brand for web TV bit.ly/GH6fRj

Broadband & IPTV growth spiked in 2011 with rates higher than any time in the last 5 yrs, according to figures from the Broadband Forum

IPTV – Microsoft Mediaroom ranked first in Global IPTV middleware market bit.ly/GHBSrz

IPTV – ZTE ranked second in Global IPTV middleware market bit.ly/GHBSrz

IPTV – iBAHN‘s Newest Whitepaper Helps Hoteliers Use IPTV to Build Revenue bit.ly/GHeqMr

IPTV – Showcasing IPTV middleware by IPMS Systems bit.ly/GCPPH0

IPTV – French national library installs Anevia IPTV system bit.ly/GD1BEi

Social TV – TV saves Twitter | bit.ly/y1jSco

Uptake REQUIRES value to audience … One viewer at a time! You NEED content/value for multiscreen uptake.

SeaChange to Divest its Broadcast and Storage Business: http://t.co/U34Hay4y. SeaChange To Spin Off VOD Servers And Storage Business- http://www.multichannel.com/article/482124-SeaChange_To_Spin_Off_VOD_Servers_And_Storage_Business.php

Broadcom to pay $195M for chip maker BroadLight enabling access to services like TV over the Internet bit.ly/GCq78Y

Indus Towers Switching from Diesel to Battery Back-Ups for Base Stations http://bit.ly/GJN6uW

Wichita State Upgrades to HD With Utah Scientific http://ow.ly/9MY6V

STB – Cablelabs: New Set-Top Boxes Cut Energy Consumption http://ow.ly/9MXUF

IPTV/STB- Motorola – We’ve teamed up with Rostelecom in Russia, they’ll be deploying our IP set-tops for advanced TV services – http://bit.ly/GEncqD

Mobile – For mobile fans, there is a brand new version of the BBC Homepage for mobile released today! Try it out – http://www.bbc.co.uk/home/mobilebeta

CTIA President & CEO Steve Largent at FSFfourth on need to repurpose government spectrum for mobile commerce http://bit.ly/GDEHr0

SocialTV is all about sharing http://www.sun-sentinel.com/fl-social-television-20120320,0,4866779.story “new opp for brands…to garner greater engagement and sales” local story=mainstream?

Broadcast TV/Social TV – Dutch broadcasters team up on Social TV check-in tool to take ownership of their social media user data http://bit.ly/GCccjh

Following Ericsson’s services playbook, Huawei absorbs 500 staffers at SingTel http://reut.rs/GCN8VF (managed services play)

Intelsat opens SATELLITE 2012 with focus on mobility – http://bit.ly/GHHq6I

US govt should use hands-off approach to internet regulation (similar to what it advocates internationally)-ATT Cicconi…

OTT – Roku CEO: OTT is changing the content delivery game – FierceOnlineVideo http://mvpx.tv/GHk2IM

Report: Large Majority of Tablet Buyers Shun Carrier Data Plans: The iPad 4G may prove itself an exception, howe… http://bit.ly/GIJAzG

Satellite – March 25! Intelsat 22 Launch! 8:10 am EDT! http://ow.ly/9N87r

Comcast: we are ignoring transparent caching: content owners don’t like it. Managed CDNs are preferred.

Hybrid TV – In-Stat research says 100 million households will use hybrid television by 2016. ow.ly/9Nd9g

Half of Internet TVs Aren’t Connected: bit.ly/wYYtWH

Imagine Upgrades Transcoding Platform via Broadband Technology Report TelcoOTT IPTV News fb.me/NR3vxb3P

Cable Without a Box? First Steps Toward A La Carte Due in 2012 – http://is.gd/h30kha

Why you’ll never cut the cable cord: bit.ly/GEnQoJ

Verizon’s Deal With Cable May Be Truce of Rivals, Kohl Says http://bloom.bg/GF3riI

Plan afoot to tame the wild world of WiFi: http://bit.ly/GJ3kDb

Mobile – While mobile innovation benefits all, cultural/economic effects of wireless growth in emerging markets is exponential bit.ly/wlaZ52

IPTV Here’s The #1 Complaint About Google TV bit.ly/GJ9M1N

FCC weighs Dish 4G network and 700MHz interoperability engt.co/GLtqqr FCC paves the way for Dish to build a 4G LTE network http://cnet.co/GECKzb

Verizon halts dubious third-party billing on landlines, years after landlines were ‘in’ engt.co/GJsEsQ

Orange: LTE across Europe by 2015 bit.ly/GJI9AU

Telecom – TE Connectivity showcases managed connected solutions for telecom and … bit.ly/GKK9f0

Comcast, Verizon want to take on Google and Apple bit.ly/GERVIp

Are you ready for Social TV? goo.gl/pUqm3

Orange plans to roll out LTE in all of its EU markets by 2015 bit.ly/GIPMfM

FCC Carves Out Another 40 MHz, Forms Spectrum Auction Task Force – http://is.gd/JdsJyp  FCC Moves to Repurpose Yet More Spectrum for Wireless | Broadcasting & Cable http://ow.ly/9NxTj

IPTV Mariner Launches Two New Products Targeted at IPTV Installation Quality http://bit.ly/GJgmoR

DirecTV iPad app update lets you stream live TV from anywhere http://vrge.co/GEW0Mz