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New Mobile Spectrum Will Create 6.3 Million Jobs — Gwandu http://fb.me/Sl4N8D6c

FCC interoperability mandate wouldn’t solve the interference issues in the #700 MHz spectrum http://news.cnet.com/8301-30686_3-57401842-266/fcc-paves-the-way-for-a-dish-4g-lte-network/

US government sues AT&T over claims it “improperly billed” the FCC for fraudulent calls http://tnw.to/1Dl3T.  Suit Claims AT&T Billed US for Nigerian Scam http://sns.mx/u0hoy8

OTT – Netflix trying to be better at tech than a media company and better at content than a tech company – Reed Hastings

IPTV Analytics tools for social TV on display at Televisual Expo bit.ly/GN5Zl4

Nvidia retakes crown of world’s fastest graphics chip with Kepler launch (deantak/VentureBeat) – http://is.gd/6aj9n9

Miramax expands emerging markets focus for digital TV http://is.gd/0sjmih

Relive MWC2012: Watch our panel on embedded devices http://mwl.me/GIBBFX

Google states the majority of ad revenue in TV industry will be digital in 2020 CMS2012 Targeted Advertising set to grow!

Eurovision Song Contest, FoxTV and Universiad Games select InternetQ Mobi-Dialogue technology: Watched… http://bit.ly/GG2EmU

Off-the-Grid Construction, Innovative Tips for Social Media…: Off-the-Grid Construction, Innovative… http://bit.ly/GG2DQ5

Broadband – Broadband Internet Project On Track for Eight Panhandle Counties: http://ow.ly/9OuKL

LTE/4G – BLOG: NTT DoCoMo’s LTE Subscriber Growth Reiterates the Importance of 4G Smartphones http://bit.ly/GH46iZ

WiMAX – Yesterday the WiMAX Forum welcomed GE, Hitachi, NewNet, Wateen and YTL to its Board of Directors! http://bit.ly/GHafR3

IPTV – ZTE now No 2 in Global IPTV Middleware Market http://bit.ly/GPIPra

IPTV – UKTV creates its first IPTV content deal with BT Vision http://bit.ly/GNKY3O

Cox Cap Enforcement Remains Inconsistent – As Metered Billing Potentially Looms on Horizon http://dlvr.it/1Lj1NX

Ericsson connects baseband and radio unit via mm-wave CPRI: http://bit.ly/GMOi3Z

Netflix iPad app update preps for HD video streaming http://wp.me/p1re2-1HPs

OTT fever grips Europe shar.es/p6pJ4

Multiscreen is so much more than TV on every device bit.ly/GLNcp0

SocialTV increased the propensity for consumers to pay for live TV subscriptions bit.ly/GM7N7y

IPTV SmartLabs STBs Help Rostelecom to Launch a Unified Innovative IPTV Service widepr.com/36303

IPTV – Winners of this year’s IP&TV Awards announced: BT Vision, Mariner and AT&T were among the winners of this… bit.ly/GLramf

LTE/4G – Netpage selects Airspan Networks for First 4G Network Deployment in Gambia dlvr.it/1LhJQn

Spring Technical Forum Returns To Cable Show For Third Year – multichannel.com/article/482178…

Broadband Technology Report- Small Cable Ops: Strength in Numbers: bit.ly/GFRWKg

Broadband TV – Birmingham to get ultra-fast broadband goo.gl/r18Oi Great news for businesses in the city, and for IPTV!

Demand for broadband drives investment in telecommunications market: bit.ly/GMF5aH

Mobile ad network teams up with academics to safeguard ad quality: bit.ly/GQHgHW

Business technology claims a place in the home, D-Link survey finds: bit.ly/GQHgI0

Mobile – iPass, MobileIron team up: bit.ly/GMF32o

Decrease in tech competencies at operators is “serious problem” – http://is.gd/Dbtl30

STB – South Africa approves STB Manufacturing Sector Development Strategy http://bit.ly/GLCDi4

European Mobile Payments – What’s the Next Killer Feature?  http://owl.li/9OUy8

OTT – Netflix CEO takes a cue from Canada success and targets 10% UK household penetration http://tnw.to/1DlEB

NEC buys Convergys’ information management unit for $449 million in cash http://bit.ly/GMBXvw

Bell Canada finds religion in its quest to improve cell coverage: http://bit.ly/GNljrs

Smart TV – Blip sheds partners: No money in Smart TV http://dlvr.it/1LlTc7

Bundle Up: Seek Real Broadband Deals, Be Wary of Marketing – Bundle ‘Deals’ Usually Misleading, Rarely Straightforward http://dlvr.it/1LlTfF

Canadians are Overpaying for Crappy Internet http://ht.ly/9OUaD

Satellite – EADS Astrium Ships Yahsat’s Y1B to Baikonur bit.ly/GP3vgd

Satellite – RSCC, Romantis Expand Partnership to Include Express-AM8 Satellite bit.ly/GRqRok

Satellite – Intelsat Inks Indian Broadcast Capacity Lease with NSTPL bit.ly/GRqREK

Satellite – New FCC Mobile Spectrum Rules: A Positive Sign for Dish Network? bit.ly/GP3xVi

Mobile – Telenor May Invoke Singapore Trade Agreement to Resolve Indian Dispute bit.ly/GGzHqY

IPTV/Satellite TV – OSN launches online TV platform for Arab world is.gd/NaG26w

Waiting for LTE overseas? Orange promises LTE service in all its EU markets by 2015 bit.ly/GHjxNe

FCC to move ahead with plan to convert block of airwaves from satellite use to cellphone use. ow.ly/9Oxf5

“Apple TV, Google TV Reliability Worse Than Rivals” » b0x.ee/GNeSsF

Mobile Data vs. Backhaul: The Ultimate Fight … and We’re Losing: As it stands, the backhaul industry has lost … bit.ly/GP9H7Y

Mobile – China is now the world’s fastest growing mobile market, says report gamasutra.com/view/news/1669…

Telcos! If you don’t show willingness to *buy* useful web APIs, nobody’s going to trust you much, when you try to sell your own

MediaPost Publications Pivotal: Consumers Want Easy Video Access 03/20/2012 ow.ly/9P0aS

IPTV – Atos Worldline primé au PayForum 2012 pour “Cross Channel Payment” goo.gl/sSSfI

IPTV – China surpasses France as the largest IPTV market- As broadband penetration increases in China, the gap will expand. digitaltvnews.net/content/?p=210…

All about IPTV. Tagged on bit.ly/GGoXcw

Apple TV Remote Patent Hints That iPhone Might Control ‘iTV’ (PICTURE) bit.ly/GOsBhn

The 2012 Apple TV Is More Than Just A Speed Bump [Review] bit.ly/GN5Zl2

Analytics tools for social TV on display at Televisual Expo bit.ly/GN5Zl4

Comcast, Other Cablecos Couldn’t Justify Wireless Business: SpectrumCo acquired 137 licenses in 2006, but the jo… bit.ly/GPi4k0

OTT – UAE’s Etisalat selects Verimatrix/Kaonmedia combo for new OTT TV service: Abu Dhabi-based telco Etisalat … http://bit.ly/GPkKhn

Satellite – Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) customers are encouraged to join the Carrier ID Pilot program. Learn more… http://ow.ly/9lGN2