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Sorry, Internet — Television Still Getting Last Laugh: If your business model requires the largest marketers… bit.ly/GRTOA8

Costa Rica starts digital transmissions http://is.gd/aX4xJU

Infonetics in Week in Research Fierce Telecom: SAN equipment to leap 50%; Online video drives home network adoption http://bit.ly/GLKWyN

Venezuela and Argentina cooperate in DTT implementation http://is.gd/Wz35v0

US broadcasters put the squeeze on small-town cable TV, says UK publication The Register http://goo.gl/CJNXa

OTTv predicted to change TV landscape in the Middle East http://is.gd/NJzOoO

Anti-Piracy Group Shuts Down Pirate Bay Proxies http://alturl.com/fqojb

OTT – Verimatrix, Thomson team for OTT rights management | bit.ly/GKXis7

Satellite – By early 2013 our mobility infrastructure will consist of 10 customized Ku-band mobility beams on 7 satellites around the geostationary belt.

Don’t cancel your cable!! Streaming TV likely to cost you more than your cable subscription goo.gl/4KSzw

Global broadband nos. hits 600m – Broadband Forum and Point Topic. Great opportunity for Internet Broadcasting bit.ly/weZ272

AT&T Sweeps IPTV World Forum Awards! bit.ly/GPpqXQ

IPTV – Evolution continues: Sky reveals Now TV brand for web TV bit.ly/GH6fRj

IPTV – Studie: Hybride Zukunft: Das Angebot und die Nutzung von hybriden Services entwickelt sich zunehmend rasant – be… bit.ly/H0ZlF0

LTE/4G – 4G LTE phone shipments to grow tenfold this year – ow.ly/1J6hKt

Mobile – Microsoft says Windows Phone will decrease Android`s market share from 70% to 66% by 2013 – goo.gl/Dy6z9

Mobile Now Daily Feature: AT&T Hints End to 2G Service Is Near goo.gl/ghgg6

Vodafone Germany to launch RCSe services in May goo.gl/J63YP

TTR Launches Expanded Telecommunications, Cable and Internet Content sns.mx/uvhpy3

Internet Protocol TeleVision. The TV you get through your Internet connection (ADSL etc …) http:/… tagdef.com/iptv

Satellite – Intelsat http://is.gd/dYLXMg – ILS Proton launches Intelsat 22

Broadcast – For stations, mobile technology leads to increased news consumption, but not profits ow.ly/9SvOC

Interesting take on small cells, spectrum and backhual from Level3 in Forbes onforb.es/H2NTWz

91% of Internet traffic will be video by 2014

TiVo accuses Motorola, Time Warner of violating “time warp” patents: arst.ch/t20 TiVO Sues Time Warner Cable, Motorola Over DVR Patents – TiVO’s Courtroom Adventure Tour Continues… t.co/mWSCKfcB

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Mobile – Would we be better off with fewer wireless carriers? t.co/tMORgHvg

VIDEO: Hyper-targeted advertising strengthens the business model for multiscreen t.co/sP06wskI

Smart Phones, WebCams, and Computers are Changing Cinema – Watch The Disposable Film Festival Here t.co/QBuseZmJ

IP&TV World Forum Successfully Addresses Converging TV Market; Highest visitor number in eight year history t.co/GPFrTKPp

Row 44 installs entertainment solution on 250 aircraft t.co/6nMK4Vh4

Check out how broadcasters are putting their spectrum to use through multicasting and mobileDTV! t.co/7XVEYaf9

GoogleTV is changing the way audiences interact with television. t.co/MIprZST5

OTT to flourish over connected TV – but no time soon t.co/fdGnxCOy

OTT – Intel wants to be a TV company – Rethink TV awe.sm/5iEEp hmmm… OTT efforts everywhere

Comcast: Xbox 360 On Demand streams won’t count against data caps: arst.ch/t23

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IPTV Who’s buying the Apple TV? t.co/9ZXvnFDN

Perspectives on IP&TV World Forum t.co/hGXfYNQb

Aussie Police Declare War on Unprotected Wi-Fi Networks [VIDEO] t.co/CRmxl4sD

Is mobile digital TV offered by broadcasters the answer to spectrum hogging streaming? t.co/DQzgltGk

Dank IP-TV gibt’s jetzt Sherlock Holmes von gestern inklusive Werbung vorspulen 🙂 t.co/lZBqy3xD

Samsung spoils for a fight with PayTV vendors t.co/c4GwbBRn

Bridging Networks, Part 1: New solutions exist to connect satellite DTH and terrestrial DVB-T2 t.co/XGJKKXjk

Cablecos bite back with innovations t.co/wae86Ve3

Bandwidth Is Like Energy: It Should Be Used Efficiently t.co/3wKCLi8y

Playing In the Stream – As video becomes more platform-agnostic, it’s transforming the children’s TV market| Adweek t.co/hsnSESUw

Social TV gives live viewing an edge over time-shifted [with chart] t.co/ZBpe58nH

Social TV – “2012/2013 will transform Social TV into something very common” t.co/nmOEZHgJ

Vidyo today announced VidyoRouter Virtual Edition (VE) – a cloud-based, videoconferencing infrastructure offering for enterprises and SPs.

Huawei’s NBN block out raises fundamental questions http://ow.ly/1il9AM

IPTV/Social TV – IPTV New Study Shows How Social TV Impacts Viewing Habits t.co/BZYoxPCS

Samsung & Telekom South Africa have a signed an agreement to jointly drive the take up of connected TVs in the country t.co/yPdQE41Z

Mobile – Monitise acquires Clairmail in $173 million mobile payment consolidation t.co/1pCdQ7XN

Interactive TV News Round-Up (III): Brightcove, CBS, DirecTV: –Brightcove Launches Content Exchange to Provide … t.co/mBFLTXrc

Interactive TV News Round-Up (VI): SeaChange, Shazam, NBC, Red Bull Supernatural, SocialGuide: –SeaChange to Se… t.co/ao0kalLk

Interactive TV News Round-Up (II): Bacardi, Immersive Media, Mojiva, blurbIQ: –Bacardi Launches 360-Degree Inte… t.co/wRVznThv

Interactive TV News Round-Up (I): ActiveVideo, Rogers Communications, Akoo, Audible Magic, TMS: –Report: Active… t.co/pol9kWva

FCC – Public Knowledge calls on FCC to probe broadband caps – FierceCable: t.co/hbxgVvgm

STB – Set-top box future remains present concern – FierceCable: t.co/Bh3UZSp5

Iran Completes Digital Broadcast Project ow.ly/9TdAH

Samsung to partner with SES for free satellite TV in Africa is.gd/vAShmF

NDS statement on BBC Panorama programme t.co/mbY61JNU

2012 “the beginning of the end” for physical movie formats bit.ly/H6I7H2

Connected TVs to hold 17% of OTT video market by 2016 bit.ly/H6I7Xi

Broadcast TV – Avid Interplay Production Hits 1,000 Install Mark bit.ly/H8bxSr

Google spent $70M on U.S. TV ads in 2011 wp.me/p1re2-1Ifl