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Satellite becomes leading TV infrastructure in Europegoo.gl/fb/9szyg

OTT will represent 17% of viewing in 2016 bit.ly/HaIca3

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Streaming Video Summit hat natürlich auch einen Live-Stream: goo.gl/ouo3Q Einfach mal reinschauen!

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There will be 97.5 wireless connections for every 100 people globally in 2016. That’s 7.2 billion connections. bit.ly/HezGWy

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ActiveVideo Networks’ Cliff Mercer at SCTECanSum: STB limitations hindering roll out of rich application services.

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Videotron is using Cisco’s HD set-top box platform to deliver next gen TV services to its Quebec customers – bit.ly/HbG2dF


Broadcast TV – Auto biz to boost U.S. TV ad dollars: TV News: CBS Corp. to benefit most among conglomerates vsb.li/yOwfNd

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Customer asking telcos to “know me, respect me, connect me, show me, offer me, help me” – Phil Bienert, AT&T Telco2 event

LTE/4G – 4G (Finally) Starting to Boost US Capex Spend? goo.gl/25d69

vCE Charter Study: 61% of iframed ads are delivered via notoriously difficult-to-measure cross-domain iframes bit.ly/GQQrJG

Samsung, Apple, Sony, LG Electronics, HTC and Research in Motion are sued over use of screen technology in the US – bbc.in/HaxEpX

Carrier Ethernet – On Spectrum and Wireless Backhaul Bottlenecks goo.gl/DJYPp

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Mobile App Directory Appolicious Debuts Advertising Platform (LeenaRao /TechCrunch) techcrunch.com/2012/03/27/mob…  and techmeme.com/120327/p37#a12…

Infonetics predicts small cell market to hit 3 million units in 2016, driven by urban area capacity upgrades.

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Here’s what CTIA said about the NTIA spectrum report. Let’s move quickly to get more spectrum ow.ly/9UFCD

Open IPTV Forum und MPEG Industry Forum fusionieren bit.ly/GKzFQl

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Satellite – Saudi Arabian Service Provider Orders more than 2,000 Hughes HX Terminals bit.ly/HccDNd

Satellite – OnAir Launches In-Flight Wi-Fi Service on TAP Portugal, Emirates Airlines bit.ly/HccGbK

Panasonic Avionics Buys Majority Stake in AeroMobile bit.ly/HdpyC4

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More spectrum is always a good thing! Now, how will the “sharing” work? http://is.gd/AUcrTf

Broadband Census – ntia.doc.gov/press-release/…fb.me/17GyIoqP7

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Telecom – Brazil’s Anatel to study the allocation of 700 MHz bit.ly/HdrPxe

Social TV: Who’s Funding Who? edgeofdigitalculture.com/2012/03/27/soc…  – VC List will likely get longer as market expands.

30 million NFC-equipped phones shipped in 2011, could reach 700 million by 2016 – engt.co/H9HxnT

Samsung Launches First HD Box and HD PVR in Partnership with Videotron – goo.gl/fb/4SUYa

Digital part of TV’s upfront? No breath-holding, please! bit.ly/GUGoCZ

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Majority of delegates at Telco2 Silicon Valley event think LTE will be used by majority of people in the US within three years.