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Cbeyond’s New Fiber Partnerships Speed Expansion Plans http://goo.gl/xjR3O

Apple TV – Don’t Hold Your Breath For An Apple TV This Year Or Even Next Year, Says Analyst http://read.bi/JgrkAf

BT has woken up and smelt the coffee says Ovum – BT Radianz connects to non-BT data centers http://bit.ly/KVtFEG

Social TV – Goodbuzz™: SOCIAL TV AND THE SECOND-SCREEN EXPERIENCE | http://bit.ly/K3TikE

Telecom – Telecom Italia Owners Said to Discuss Telco Capital Increase http://bit.ly/K2O34t

Carrier Ethernet – TW telecom conducts roll-out of Enhanced Management http://goo.gl/boCGE

TalkTalk UK ISP Trial Reveals New Router for Forthcoming YouView TV Service ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2012…

Sony réfléchit à se lancer dans la TV par IP electronlibre.info/spip.php?show=…

Mobile – RIM reportedly held buyout talks that fell apart last year – Perhaps to probably hide their performance? Just asking as their stock has tanked. http://is.gd/EDYMwA

56% of UK adults now have a PVR of one kind or another. 40% still have a VHS recorder.  http://t.co/bvoj43DT

FCC – “Roughly 1 in 3 Americans – nearly 100 mil Americans – still haven’t adopted broadband at home” Chairman Genachowski

Mobile – 1 billion M2M transactions in Brazil by 2018: http://ow.ly/aFSUM

What to expect at The Cable Show 2012 – http://bit.ly/KwPS7e

Victoria Jaye BBC Vision. 86-90% of TV consumed is still live despite iPlayer’s exponential rise to 2% of viewing.

Mobile – Ericsson CEO at AGM “Our market share for mobile infrastructure has increased from 32 to 38%. Twice as big as the no 2 player in the market”. “40% of all mobile traffic runs through our networks and 50% of all traffic from smart phones.” CEO Hans Vestberg at AGM “We have a 43% market share in the 100 largest cities in the world”.

M-Payment Disruption Is Coming…Once It Grows An M-Brain: In a new infographic/report that is unusually… http://bit.ly/JtnLEA

TV Universe Continues To Contract, Nielsen Attributes Declines To Census, Technology Too: Nielsen this… http://bit.ly/JtnIsu Nielsen: TV viewing dips bit.ly/IukmeA

FTTH – Brazil’s TIM to debut FTTH service in Q3, looks to expand wireless backhaul … bit.ly/K2GH0b

Accedo takes Maxdome VOD to TV sets is.gd/JtW7tq

OTT will soon be cheaper than satellite for pay TV bit.ly/IDjkKu Nagra: OTT will soon be cheaper than satellite for pay TV bit.ly/IEOYax

Optical Networks – Chapleau goes faster. Fibre optic fast bit.ly/K2GHgH

Connected TV – Only 1 in 3 smart TV purchased for ability to connect ow.ly/aBgng

Time Warner CEO thinks Hulu users should pay for cable paidcontent.org/2012/05/02/hul…

Rev For Viacom’s TV Nets Up, Films Disappoint: Amid still troubling TV network ratings concerns — and… bit.ly/JFhnOY

Cablevision to sell Clearview: Film News: Stock falls by more than 6% vsb.li/Lfl3jr

Online payments platform Boku reels in Sprint & Deutche Telekom to bring mobile billing to millions tnw.to/1EHNQ

Social TV and the second screen trap.it/tQZHuz The future of TV is social and through engagement with Second Screens

Record fragmentation in Spanish TV bit.ly/JgNuSU

Do you already have a TVonics DTR-HD500 set top box? Download the new Text-to-Speech software for free – bit.ly/IYEKBE

VOD – MTV will have a hard time charging Brits for VOD dlvr.it/1WR3FD

Pay TV – Why Pay-TV Operators Need Better Content Discovery than Basic Grids [VIDEO] – Videonuze – bit.ly/K4mk3y

For TV networks, social is hugely important usat.ly/IrKnex

UC – Assuring Converged Infrastructure: Converged Management Strategies for Cisco UCS – New EMA White Paper – bit.ly/JQ7Vpu

Multiplatform TV: Kessler: HBO Go Rolls to Kindle Fire with New Season Of ‘True Blood’ – Multichannel News multichannel.com/article/483985…

Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire Truviso news-cs.co/K4JTbp

Check out this opinion piece in Venture Beat about OTT presenting new opportunities for Big TV venturebeat.com/2012/05/02/cab…

Broadband – Farmers Weekly Page 30 “B4RN brings broadband to the rural North”… “It’s the first of its kind” – pic.twitter.com/diuuhved

IPTV Mark Cuban invests in social TV app publisher: Flingo synchronizes second … bit.ly/KgyZn1

IPTV Zeebox to add live TV content to second-screen app bit.ly/KgyZDh

Connected TV/IPTV – BBC chooses Antiques Roadshow for second screen companion app action bit.ly/K5k4rW

Cablevision developing ‘highly graphical,’ cloud-based IPG lnkd.in/5hrnvd

“Critical monetization elements for multiscreen video: reach, engagement & agility” via Michael Barros Cisco Systems bit.ly/JFvrIg

Streaming Video – You can use less expensive source encoders and do transcoding in the cloud on pay-as-you-go service.

Streaming Video – Amazon Will Make TV Shows bit.ly/J3iVm1

FCC: Comcast Must Put Bloomberg TV With News Channels bit.ly/J3iVCk

LTE/4G – North America LTE subscriptions near 11m: ow.ly/aGstD

Charlie Rhodes: Interference Between 700 MHz Cellphone and DTV Signals tvtechnology.com/article/interf…

WiFi – NYC Subway Stations to Get Wi-Fi Via Boingo and Transit Wireless Agreement bit.ly/IYY41v