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The Evolving Definition of Television trap.it/jvBpuq

Avail-TVN Partners with AdGorilla for Latino Digital Video http://bit.ly/IXWm1g

LTE/4G – GSA Confirms 72 Commercial LTE Networks Launched So Far http://bit.ly/Jbb1sQ

Carrier IQ Hires Privacy Expert to Repair Damaged Reputation http://bit.ly/IHve8Y

Pay TV – US Pay TV operator DirecTV tells its subscribers all about Social TV with in-depth infographic – http://bit.ly/Jnopbt

T-Mobile Outlines 4G LTE Roadmap: http://bit.ly/IVDhto

Charter *adds* 20K video subs in Q1 (PR) bit.ly/KYwDpo

Mobile – Cellphone trade show kicks off in New Orleans bit.ly/KZEgvK

Mobile – Two mobile carriers in Canada — which is almost the US – offering HD voice today.

Mobile/WiFi – Seventy Percent of Subscribers Would Switch Providers for Streamlined Wi-Fi Access bit.ly/KCqt1P

OTT/STB – Netgem Present New IPTV Solution bit.ly/KZRIj9

Google TV/IPTV – LG to launch Google TV in the US bit.ly/KZG1ZS

Descubre los productos de videoconferencia, audio, pantallas y las soluciones de IPTV con los que trabajamos imagospain.com/productos/

IPTV – Discovery Acquires Revision3 Networks Investing Deeper into IPTV awe.sm/5nqWY

IPTV – BridgetechTV now expands their Asian Partner Network with Vietnam’s Vietcoms bit.ly/JYW48M

OTT – Frontier Communications CEO: OTT video ‘more important than anything else’ bit.ly/IV5x5L

LTE Growth Leaves Security Gaps Due to High Traffic, Lack of Security Standards bit.ly/JnFtxX

FCC’s Genachowski: “Our review of one transaction that crossed the line simply proves that there is a line”. Spectrum auctions have yielded more than $50B to the US Treasury. We have to recover new spectrum and use other tools and policy to meet demand. The FCC sees Spectrum sharing and small cells as opportunities to unleash wireless broadband.

FCC working with NTIA to test LTE in 1755 Mhz spectrum band with 2155 to 2180 MHZ. T-Mobile has already filed for experimental license CTIA2012.

Comcast lights up WatchESPN | DirecTV & Charter add video subs in Q1 | Cable campaign has some HBO’ishness bit.ly/JtzDbK

Putting people first » Social TV and the Second Screen bit.ly/J7C2bj

MediaPost Publications – Pay TV Revenue Will Grow, Subscribers May Not 05/08/2012 bit.ly/IVI8y0

Gogo grabs 1MHz spectrum from JetBlue subsidiary LiveTV, beefs up in-flight bandwidth – ow.ly/1LQGBp

STB – Adding new value to those older set-tops — SeaChange releases Nitro Now software: schange.com/News/Nitro-Now…

Satellite – Pocket-sized satellites could help find another Earth | ti.me/IUY8Dy

VoD still only 1% of Euro TV revenues bit.ly/JUHEZW TV Takes in $72 Billion TV in 2011 tvtechnology.com/article/tv-tak…

Social TV – ‘Hunger Games’ success spells trouble for TV ads awe.sm/5nqgR

NCTA Launches New Cable Branding Campaign – http://is.gd/mxE4ov

“More video is uploaded to YouTube in one month than the 3 major US TV networks created in 60 years.” http://t.co/q7bsFwhF

HBBTV OTT IPTV keep your eye on for THAILAND Broadcast

Telecom’s Competitive Solution: Outsourcing? s.hbr.org/LGcNlt

IPTV Power to the second screen bit.ly/L24JJ0

MTS to be exclusive provider of telecommunication services at the new home of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers bit.ly/J0dB2e

Pay TV Subscribers Numbers Increase, Again – Peter Kafka – Media – AllThingsD dthin.gs/IZVOIh

IPTV – Bell introduces enhanced Mobile TV player powered by QuickPlay Media bit.ly/z4NhkP

IPTV – New Research by Global Industry Analysts (GIA) shows IPTV to pass half Billion subscribers by 2017 goo.gl/RBoK1

If Ethernet network packets were airplanes, we would see how network infrastructure has a choke hold on network speed ow.ly/aM74X

Mobile – Nokia Siemens Enhances Small-Cell Portfolio: Nokia Siemens Networks launched enhanced microcell and picocell… bit.ly/JRpmEm

Cable TV – 7 ways Comcast is killing the cable killers – dlvr.it/1XcqqV

House Communications Subcommittee Schedules Broadband Hearing bit.ly/J1V2KV

LTE/4G – Verizon Wireless carries 60% of world’s LTE traffic, says Mead.

LTE and mobile video’s symbiotic dance, or could Color be the new Instagram? lightreading.com/blog.asp?blog_…

FTC: Billing Services Group In Cahoots with ‘Serial’ Crammer to Tune of $70M: Responding to the FTC’s contempt m… bit.ly/LI6H41

Research and Markets: Global Network Performance Management Market 2011-2015 … – SYS sns.mx/zfhGy9