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Satellite – Iridium Unveils World’s Smallest Two-Way Satellite Data Transceiver i.gsat.cl/KLScHB Iridium’s Itsy-Bitsy, World’s Smallest, Two-way Satellite Data Transceiver – bit.ly/JtOXrF

Broadband-connected biz brings in ~$300k more in annual media revenue than non-broadband biz bit.ly/J7qrMF

Video Games Are Getting More Like TV, and That’s Actually Good – bit.ly/KlI6zY

New Disruptive Wireless blog post on Telefonica TU Me – first salvo in full-scale inter-operator Telco-OTT warfare – http://is.gd/oo2K31

How the streaming revolution is changing the Japanese animation industry trap.it/veZ9Fp

CTIA small cells and video are big themes. Metrocells are the sweet spot. Intel 4:1 architecture for infrastructure interesting play. CTIA more spectrum for small cells in the US. Come on carriers get your act together and roll them out. Save your long term bottom line.

Mexico’s Megacable nears 2m subs bit.ly/K2rOKe

Nokia Siemens Networks signs global agreement with Ruckus Wireless to resell Wi-Fi solutions CTIA12 | Nokia Siemens Networks – http://bit.ly/JZb6hj

Nokia Siemens Networks extends small cells portfolio CTIA12 | Nokia Siemens Networks – http://bit.ly/KLTfYb

Itron Cellular Solutions (formerly SmartSynch) reels in another big win for cellular –smartgridnews.com/artman/publish…

Mobile – Samsung Galaxy S III confirmed as official Olympic phone, delivering NFC payWave payments to athletes (capture all moments of experience).

OTT – Netflix lands multiyear content deal with 20th Century Fox for Latin America – FierceOnlineVideo: bit.ly/JxhKZS

New post on the Video Wire – Declining Linear Viewing Underscores Need For More Advanced Online Viewing Tracking: ow.ly/aNLDQ

Mobile – Tablets Account for 40% of Mobile Broadband Tariffs As Operators Increase Device Offerings bit.ly/ICRYmM

LTE/4G – Mobile firms attack ‘early 4G’ bbc.in/LdG3NR

New TV remote controls respond to apps, speech and gestures | bit.ly/ICSrFu

Digital Video – Discovery taps into Rev3’s digital video content bit.ly/JsFEbi

CTIA 2012: Consumers want easy WiFi access but that’s easier said than done: New Orleans, Louisiana – In a study… bit.ly/JURRBc

eMarketer forecast: by 2014 there will be 89.5 million tablet users in the US – ow.ly/aLPVv

Mobile – AT&T sees cellular connection key to tablets; consumers still prefer WiFi: bit.ly/Jy19ox

Social TV – Viggle Wriggles Up To 650,000 Social-TV Users bit.ly/LNk8zS

Mobile now accounts for 10% of Internet usage worldwide, double that of 2010: report | bit.ly/KmxyQU

Mobile – O2 UK Says Over Half its Customers Have Opted into Mobile Advertising Service bit.ly/KMg0eq

Telecom – Auditors to examine West Virginia’s broadband stimulus spending bit.ly/LdRAN0

Telecom – Size matters as Verizon FiOS tops Consumer Reports survey bit.ly/J8XhvT

Telecom – Verizon’s DSL plans questioned by congressman bit.ly/LdRB3E

3D – Wolfenstein 3D celebrates 20 years of machine guns and flag-obscured passages with free web version engt.co/JUXAXB

Middleware – Alticast ‘Windmill’ interactive ecosystem for TV operators at The Cable Show goo.gl/fb/M0ol4

Verizon wants deeper partnerships with TV makers bit.ly/J9koqo

Mobile – Ericsson Lets Operators Speed up Mobile, Fixed Networks Using Caching soc.li/KJK19GV

IPTV – Redrawing the Lines in the Battle for the Living Room bit.ly/JfyqUZ

IPTV – YouTube: ‘We are coming after TV’ | awe.sm/5nrJg

Skype: “We are learning a lot about what makes TV different”  VIDEO INTERVIEW: Theo Short, Product Manager –   bit.ly/JU2uEa

IPTV – Verimatrix: “HD content delivered to any device has become the primary benchmark”: At the recent IP&TV Wo… bit.ly/JU2unV

Poor ad workflows holding back VOD industry, claims study: A new report claims that existing advertising… bit.ly/LNfcuX

Social TV – Social activity during primetime up by 193% since last — opportunity knocking! lnkd.in/jTKdBS

Social TV – Setting the Standard in Social TV: Trendrr.TV April White Paper ow.ly/aNYrY

Social TV – Orange brings its social TV app TVcheck to second screens across the UK tnw.to/1EMDq

Smart TV – Would you like a Blu-ray player that turns your TV into a Smart TV! smsn.us/6013rVmW

Mobile – IAB to set mobile guidelines on ePrivacy – Trade body to offer guidance as industry moots alternatives to Apple trac… ow.ly/1jBatR

IPTV is the future of television broadcasting ow.ly/aFWp2

WiFi/FCC – Durbin: $25k FCC fine of Google, a $111B company seems less than slap on wrist. FCC chair: Google fine was appropriate, legal backing of finding no violations of wiretap laws was solid, and decision had educational value. FCC Chair: Google may not have violated FCC rules, but Congress should move to protect unencrypted WiFi info.

HD Content, nationwide for 123 million U.S. TV Viewers. – bit.ly/JfXgFy

LTE/4G – Surviving the LTE Tidal Wave: Rural carriers across the country are faced with the overwhelming onslaught of LTE… bit.ly/LfU6Td

Daily Video Industry Roundup is out! bit.ly/etXZ5N

69% of SMBs believe mobile marketing is key to their growth over the next five years bit.ly/Kbi2cu

Pay TV – WOW! also rated #1 as a standalone pay TV service and #1 as a standalone ISP: bit.ly/JardIe

Neilsen – Consumers still have a huge appetite for TV – but how they are watching it is a different story: ow.ly/aNMbe