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IPTV Brightcove unveils Video Paywall Solution Framework at 2012 NAB Show bit.ly/JGwgQ3

IPTV Concentric Cloud Solutions & Limelight Networks Partner on Content Delivery bit.ly/L8NycK

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IPTV/STB – Good news for Netgem customer Netia – IPTV subscribers have risen by 22% over the last quarter bit.ly/JLoAw8 & bit.ly/JLoSmA

FTTH – Orange France signs FTTH agreement for Cote-d’Or bit.ly/JIzNNN

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Mobile data traffic to grow more than 15-fold in Germany goo.gl/EWDOi

Carrier Ethernet – Global Capacity adds Ethernet Access to One Marketplace goo.gl/Hlj7p

Middleware  – BeeSmart becomes Beenius: Slovenian TV middleware provider BeeSmart has announced that it is changing its … bit.ly/JFWIKy

Mobile – Roaming isn’t a source of “value” for the mobile industry. It’s a source of profitable customer resentment & grudging resignation.

eBay predicts one in four Brits will shop via interactive TV by end-2014: A major new report commissioned by onl… bit.ly/K7OwAo

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KDDI unveils its spring line up bit.ly/JGdE3A

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Vivendi warns of major change at SFR to counter Free bit.ly/JGdCbZ

Congrats Netia! IPTV subs have risen by 22% over the last quarter bit.ly/JLoAw8 & bit.ly/JLoSmA

Total Telecom Daily News is out! bit.ly/oUFkEG

Mobile – According to Gartner, in Q1 Android had 56% smartphone market share, iOS had 22%. Both gained year-over-year at the expense of Symbian (Nokia) + RIM.

MVPD/OTT – Can an OTT player be an MVPD? FCC may decide how over-the-top distributors should be regulated – http://is.gd/Lv5hhF

Nielsen: Apps Still Going Strong: Data released by Nielsen in connection with the AppNation conference… bit.ly/L0q3g6

Most CSPs expect to see a 10-25% increase in BYOD device requests from business customers tinyurl.com/cugcbpc says Amdocs survey

An engineer says Comcast is prioritizing traffic. Comcast says not, but this is a BIG deal. gigaom.com/broadband/he-s

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предлагает новые возможности IPTV,неужели это действительно ново?через Медиа альянс очевидно,лицензии нет bit.ly/Ml8jkF

TMS and Digitalsmiths Partner For New APIs broadcastingcable.com/article/484609…

Cassidian & Alcatel-Lucent bring LTE to professional mobile radio in 400 MHz band for public safety, transport & energy bit.ly/K81ezL

Tekelec to Present Value of New Diameter Network at LTE World Summit 2012. ow.ly/aXqFV

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Leap to expand LTE coverage to up to 65M POPs by 2014 bit.ly/KbbCWN

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