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Satellite – Vía teléfono satelital equipo venezolano de montañistas confirmó haber alcanzado la cima del Gunnbjorn, en Groenlandia i.gsat.cl/JlVReg

WiLAN Confident of Winning 3G Patent Lawsuit bit.ly/J9YIMs

Satellite TV – NZ: “TVNZ, Sky JV OK” bit.ly/JVuzjn

HitFix announces second screen first for entertainment news, Articles: connectedworld.tv/articles/hitfi…

Telecom Italia Sparkle extends Keynote partnership: bit.ly/JL6mvi

Neomobile among Europe’s top 50 fastest-growing digital companies for 2012: bit.ly/JS9RPX

IDT, COPACO make it easier for Paraguayan expats to keep in touch: bit.ly/JL6mvc

Designer 3D glasses by Oskav bit.ly/JVvi3R

Pay TV – The latest Pyramid Preview video discusses the impact Pay TV will have on Canada’s telecom market: ow.ly/aYxsv

63% of TV viewers are consulting a connected device while watching TV, a new IAB/Ipsos MediaCT study shows. “45% of smartphone, 30% of tablet multi-screeners are doing something on their devices related to the show itself” SyncAd opps

TWC customers can see HBO GO on Roku, Xbox, and Samsung Smart TVs – bit.ly/JO9yp4

Telcordia OSS Selected by JT Group for Rollout of Comprehensive Fiber Telecoms … bit.ly/JOj0IY

Ekurhuleni lifts fibre rollout moratorium bit.ly/JOj0J0

OTT – Netflix Sees Swarm of Returning Users [VIDEO] dlvr.it/1ZmKfK

Find out about Wi-Fi Offload and Roaming here bit.ly/Jms9WF

Ethernet Switching Gets Specialized – CIO bit.ly/J30LP2

Comcast rethinks bandwidth caps, trials two new policies that involve higher 300GB monthly limits dlvr.it/1ZmJ8S Comcast Kills Its 250GB Data Cap, Is Testing More Flexible Data Plans tcrn.ch/JaPRdD

Social TV – Viacom study: “activities were twice as likely to happen during live TV rather than time-shifted viewing” lostremote.com/2012/05/17/stu…

Comcast’s Avgiris: median usage is 8-10GB per month.

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Connected TV boosts online shopping – advanced-television.com/index.php/2012…

Satellite – African Satellite Providers Partner with iDirect to Upgrade Enterprise Networks bit.ly/KcqHIe

Satellite – DirecTV, Hughes and ViaSat to Bundle Services bit.ly/KcqHIp

Social TV – Three C’s To the Social TV Experience: Communication, Content, Comments: bit.ly/Jz9LOB

Verismo Networks announces the Release of MelaTV on Multiple Platforms: bit.ly/J9EvHd

Hot new SocialTV Zeebox update lets celebs invite fans to watch TV with them bit.ly/LfuJEH

Digital TV – Asia Pacific to add 440 Million digital TV homes, says Digital TV Research report goo.gl/1nCpO

French viewers most likely to connect their TV to the Internet, finds survey: A new study from UK firm Fut… bit.ly/KbPcW4

Unity Telecom is Latest to Try OTT Approach: bit.ly/Ladi1V

“Cablecos push back against IPTV with discounts, subsidies” – bit.ly/KipXkp

Interactive TV and the SecondScreen Experience huff.to/JR32zj

Forrester: “Microsoft is winning the battle for the TV”: US analyst house Forrester Research has issued – bit.ly/LeR991

Elemental Technologies secures new funding for multiscreen video initiatives: US firm Elemental Technologies – bit.ly/LeKUSy

AT&T suspends sales of U-verse TV for Xbox 360 Hardware Kit | bit.ly/J9hS5t