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Cable companies expand free Wi-Fi – http://t.co/SX5SqwHg

Maker of new DVR that lets you zap away TV commercials says the networks are being short-sighted in opposing it: apne.ws/JmPol8

LTE/4G – Verizon picks advisors for sale of 700 MHz lower A block, B block licensees 4G bit.ly/LcQ0JE

IPTV – Orange’s ‘Blended TV’ and the impact of ‘social’ in television bit.ly/KQItkd

Google closes Motorola Mobility purchase: A daunting to-do list ahead. and Names New Leadership Team – trap.it/3xAYsz

Xyratex to Present at the Barclays 2012 Global Technology, Media and … sns.mx/u3iwy9

“TV Everywhere is Pay-TV’s Most Strategic Initiative” [VIDEO] – bit.ly/KIV9xi

Number of digital cable subscribers in Romania doubled in 2011 bit.ly/MivEkB

Apple TV – An Apple TV Will Be Just Like An iPhone Because… | awe.sm/5rKnS

IPTV Apple TV apps will revolutionise telly http://bit.ly/LllZdv

IPTV Estimated Apple TV Sales to Date: 6.3 Million http://bit.ly/Llm0xW

Starcom MediaVest Group: “Brands need to integrate mobiles and tablets into TV campaigns”: As one of the… bit.ly/KHBiuv

Smart TV/IPTV – KC Connect doubles usage cap for Smart TV enthusiasts: bit.ly/MgMHDr

STB- TiVo and Pace roll out 6-tuner video gateway: The first fruit from the union of DVR innovator TiVo and UK … bit.ly/L188tk

IPTV – Rostelecom trials innovative personal services manager: Major Russian telco Rostelecom has launched trials… bit.ly/KvmvU4

IPTV/Social TV – Time to take IPTV to the next level | awe.sm/5sFmz

Avail-TVN snaps up On Demand Group for US$ 27mn in SeaChange fire sale: US firm SeaChange… bit.ly/K7nvPb

STB/Cable TV – Set-tops will become extinct, Time Warner Cable CEO Britt says goo.gl/Z9NkT

Smart TV – “Minirechner verwandelt Fernseher in Smart TV mit Android 4.0″ buff.ly/K5SLis bit.ly/KkjnMI

Mobile – U.S. Cellular offers subscribers a curated set of apps from Amazon’s app store cnet.co/JDCL9b

Google TV – LG to launch Google TV in US in late May sns.mx/Lchoy6

Disney Channel Ranks as TV’s #1 Network for Record 49th Consecutive Week in Kids 6-11 and Tweens 9-14 bit.ly/JQE0kn

Comcast’s Neil Smit on retrans: “It’ll work itself out.” On govt involvement: “I’d like to see the marketplace decide.”

Comcast Launches Free Calling App: bit.ly/Jumm85

FCC Hints Cable Carriage Payments Could Lessen: Speaking at the national cable convention, FCC Chairman… bit.ly/LcZSD9

Scientists score wireless data record in 300 GHz to 3 THz range ow.ly/aZ5Eu

Televisionary Blog: A New Era for Television: London Completes Digital Evolution. Ericsson. bit.ly/Jb4KrK

Mobile – How is advanced wireless network technology being applied in practice? Find out here: csc0.ly/6015rwXB

Avail-TVN Buys On Demand Group: Avail-TVN, a global provider of advanced digital video services, says… bit.ly/Ld1lt4

ConnectedTV: Dawn of a New Era for TV Watchers and Advertisers | tvfutu.re/MCo1YX

OTT – Netflix ups pair to programming posts bit.ly/Ld1rAN

OTT – Netflix’s New Web App Is Stripped Bare And Utterly Effective bit.ly/JD6PC0

The Cable Show 2012: Verizon, Comcast Unveil “viewdini” – multichannel.com/article/484958…

3D Cinema and Television Technology: The First 100 Years: This compendium contains more than 50 papers published in… bit.ly/JlylU7

40% of tweets are about TV so it’s inevitable that Second Screen viewing is changing the way TV gets commissioned & made.

Cable TV – Why the Cable TV Industry Needs a Steve Jobs –bit.ly/KkpZdU

What a genius! Inventor of TV remote, Eugene Polley dies at 96 – bit.ly/KJaj5C

Lowenstein’s View: The 10 most important questions in wireless trap.it/pC7yNV

FCC Head Open to Licensing Government Spectrum. bit.ly/K9dMYD

New Comcast app coming that enables you to pay your bill by taking a photograph of your bill and credit card… in 60 seconds.

Cable TV – First look at Comcast’s new X1 DVR platform ow.ly/b4VEs

IPTV iBAHN’s largest IPTV installation in North America implemented in Omni’s … bit.ly/KJaUR1

IPv6 – Preparing for World IPv6 Launch dlvr.it/1c2bsx

Broadcast TV- Diller’s Aereo wins dismissal of broadcaster claim reut.rs/K8uSG1

Free Press, Public Knowledge Pan FCC Chair’s Usage-Based Pricing Shout-out – multichannel.com/article/484988…

Shazam-enabled ads attract 50k tags per minute during UK launch | awe.sm/5sI4Z

Dish’s New Ad-Skipping DVR Making Cable Execs Cry – NBC Exec Calls Natural Tech Evolution an ‘Insult’ to the Industry dlvr.it/1c2mhx

Social TV – A rundown of the different flavours of Social TV apps: bit.ly/KWFcT5

3D TV sales double over year, but consumers’ engagement with 3D remains low is.gd/Habmx7

Panasonic VT50 wins Value Electronics 2012 TV picture quality shootout cnet.co/JA94QP

Watch Neil Smit talk digital distribution with Edward_Burns, at Cable Show 2012 ow.ly/b5gnM

What now for Google & Moto? lightreading.com/blog.asp?blog_…

IPTV Limelight Networks Announces Enhancements bit.ly/L3Jo3w

GlobeCast picks Irdeto to support new OTT platform is.gd/BUn98f

CTIA Trend: Device to application based innovation. Read on here – csc0.ly/6017rwc7

IPTV Teracue IPTV Highlights auf der ANGA Cable 2012 widepr.de/30820

IPTV Sony-made Google TV units will come with Plex as standard bit.ly/KJO5wj

IPTV – New Zealand commission investigates IPTV lock-out claims – awe.sm/5sHrI

Frontier nixes national IPTV launch; hints at FiOS modifications bit.ly/JzWHUU

IPTV – CenturyLink‘s Prism IPTV service continues to attract new customers bit.ly/LoPsQ4

The Cable Show trend: MSO looking ahead to IPTV bit.ly/JlBSBN

IPTV – Fun day with the University of Louisville delegation, showcasing the IPTV and Video technology and solutions. bit.ly/vid-uol

Starcom, Dish Battle Over Ad-Skipping AutoHop: Starcom MediaVest Group Exchange had been negotiating with… bit.ly/MERrFG

FCC – The FCC Public Interest Test Problem ow.ly/b543B

Rovi Weaving Siri-Like Voice Controls Into TV Guide – http://is.gd/mnwAKN

Google: “The most difficult part in building a TV application is the user experience” | http://awe.sm/5sI4o

Hbb TV Testsuite, maintained by MIT-xperts – http://bit.ly/Lpb6nr