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Social TV – Yap.TV brings live Facebook chat to Social TV app: lostremote.com/2012/06/19/yap… “sparking more meaningful conversations around TV”

KPS to make foray into mobile telecommunications sns.mx/uQjay3

Multiscreen solutions at Broadcast Asia — learn more at Magna booth 4L2-01 bit.ly/K6OUn6

Comcast’s Strauss: XfinityTV.com has 5M unique customers per month. TV in many respects is just a device that can display video in a secure way – so anything could be a TV. 90% of Comcast VOD included as part of TV subscription – on-demand is value-added service. “Live TV is not dead” especially with things like live sports but more subs going to VOD first. Comcast serves 4.5 billion VOD views per year – 350-400M per month. Comcast focus is triple play: “$150 per month is more attractive to me than $8 per month” vs Netflix”. Lack of VOD ad capabilities has not inhibited Comcast ability to get content but advertising is important. Nielsen now counts Comcast VOD as part of C3 ratings, Strauss says. Comcast has deployed dynamic ad insertion for VOD to 17M homes; 100% of homes by end of 2012. Strauss: with respect to advertising, “on demand has probably been the one area where we have not evolved fast enough”.VOD “navigation has been one of our biggest challenges” – tablet has let MSO “breathe new life into navigation” .

Avail-TVN’s Jim Riley: over-the-top has not hurt VOD transactional sales.

Orange TV launches on unified platform in Poland: Poland’s Telekomunikacja Polska – iptv-news.com/2012/06/orange…

IPTV consumers get to decide what they watch, when they watch it, on what device and how they interact with content. bit.ly/Ni1VZx

IPTV broadband penetration reaches 15%, growth prospects are patchy bit.ly/LBdESt

Telekom mit Entertain to go –IPTV auf Smartphones telefontarifrechner.de/news12519.html

IPTV – Global IPTV subscribers grow by 3.8 million in Q1 2012 to 65.6 million – dlvr.it/1l4gRD

Simulmedia, TiVo Extend Partnership: Simulmedia, a targeted television advertising company, today announced… bit.ly/Kz1FHl

Mobile – Devicescape Launches Android Wi-Fi Offload App bit.ly/MwPG8g

OTT – SK Telecom devices strategies to compete against OTT players goo.gl/McDhV

Mobile – Telefonica to use Alcatel Lucent’s femtocell goo.gl/7T3O2

HDTV Almanac – Online Video Gets More Product Placements. bit.ly/PsdhLz

LTE/4G – O2 “launches” LTE in Czech Republic. Total pop coverage? 10k. Still, I’ve seen other launches that were nothing more than a PR bit.ly/KkyaUH

Connected TV group reveals plans and directors advanced-television.com/index.php/2012…

Gulf Air brings live coverage of Euro2012 to passengers at 30,000ft: Broadcaster of the 2012 UEFA European Football… bit.ly/LA2oc6

Mobile Cloud Suite is the answer to carrier OTT problems, says Mavenir goo.gl/1P1SU

Syniverse establishes LTE Hub goo.gl/bFxDO. Syniverse launches LTE roaming hub goo.gl/b7JPI

The Diameter of LTE data services goo.gl/6NtP6

Mobile – Examining the Sunrise business case offload Mobile data to Femtocells Stefan Spoerri, Mobile Strategist – bit.ly/MtSVOA

OTT – Netflix Eating Away At VOD Viewers – Price Matters – dlvr.it/1l9qPq

VOD – Ono’s VOD to include Spanish TV series – is.gd/WqFQS5

Broadband subscribers now exceed 600 million – tinyurl.com/cb394fo

VoLTE Service Revenues Predicted to Reach $2 Billion by 2016 goo.gl/rQ79Z

Ofcom – BT surprised by sudden flashing of Ofcom‘s teeth. Panic ensues – tinyurl.com/bmgpww4

Social TV – Live TV demands a live influencer score: awe.sm/fmq2

Spotify Launches Another Torpedo At Pandora bit.ly/KRp9En

IPTV – CenturyLink Brings IPTV to Colorado Springs – Very Targeted TV Deployments Continue dlvr.it/1l9d4W

Leading TV Makers Launch Smart TV Alliance goo.gl/fb/DTdhx

Smart TV’s won’t impact the market for years when, “Global Q1 TV Shipments are Off 8%; LCDs First-Ever Down Quarter” – onforb.es/L49RKx

“Samsung, LG bet on new display to revive TV sales” – But no one is going to pay $9,000 for a 55″ TV. – yhoo.it/LeSzkc

Big TV Manufacturers Debut Platform-Independent Alliance: Big TV companies LG Electronics and TP Vision… bit.ly/LDwV44

Yowza! “Sharp launches world’s biggest LCD HDTV — 90 inches” http://on.msnbc.com/Kz6RuC

Multi-channel broadcast workflow solutions for the Mac with LiveCut and Adobe Premiere ProCS6 fb.me/1s09WkL3P

BBC iPlayer gets Live Restart: As part of efforts to move its enormously popular ‘iPlayer’ service beyond … bit.ly/Pss8Wg

Music Choice’s Dave Del Beccaro: Dish’s Auto Hop ad-skip is “short-term differentiation” vs DirecTV, and “that’s all it is”. If Dish succeeds with Auto Hop “they will succeed only in destroying their long-term business”. Dish’s Auto Hop “is a wanton act of destruction”.

Smart TV Alliance for open standard apps and platforms smarttv-alliance.org

Telecom – Lightower establishes low-latency route to New Jersey data center bit.ly/NSsOau

CAS/DRM/Middleware- IGLOO Partners with Irdeto to Launch New TV Offering http://goo.gl/fb/xAs13

Schneider Optics has added a new 17mm T4 Lens to go with the Century Clairmont Swing/Shift System – http://is.gd/XAuFAr

IPTV – World IPTV: Some Saturation, Some Growth: IPTV penetration of telcos’ worldwide broadband subscribers reached 15… http://bit.ly/M4xJRH

Broadband – Survey Sez: Asia Leads Worldwide Broadband Take-Up: Broadband has passed another major milestone, with the global… http://bit.ly/M4xK7X

Mobile – WAPS Modules Emulate GPS Signals: OEM small-cell developer Tektelic Communications unveiled its Wide Area Position… http://bit.ly/Mr8dH2

DTH leads the digital boom in Latin America bit.ly/N9HgVx

Not for long? Younger viewers, among others slightly prefer video via physical media vs. streaming #iptv bit.ly/MnsI7p

IPTV – How Much Better Can Telcos Do in IPTV Business? Gary Kim on telcos’ prospects for the future. ow.ly/bIeAQ

How are 2012 online video predictions panning out at mid-year? Take a look – slidesha.re/KgM1ih

IPTV Shows Increase in Popularity over the Next Five Years: awe.sm/hief

Smart TV – Espial TV Browser now powering Sharp_USA Smart TV Experience – bit.ly/M4qSre

On Demand Summit: Comcast Sets Up For ‘Hockey Stick’ Jump In VOD Advertising – multichannel.com/article/486181…

Mobile Now: Google and Apple Race to the Top of the Smartphone Market maps.yankeegroup.com/ygapp/content/…

Mobile Now: ZTE Plans to Launch its First TD-LTE Phone in 2012 maps.yankeegroup.com/ygapp/content/…

LTE – AT&T eyeing LTE in the 2.3 GHz band? bit.ly/Mx8e8m

4G LTE Speeds: Verizon Wireless Tops AT&T in More Markets: Even though T-Mobile USA doesn’t yet operate an LTE network… bit.ly/MsB65K

IPTV Broadband penetration reaches 15%, growth prospects are patchy. Saturation? telegeography.com/products/comms…

Finally! – “Smart TV Alliance” seeks to make smart TVs more likeminded – zite.to/LgpDby