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Gadget report: Asus Transformer Pad Infinity, Sony Google TV http://sns.mx/fEfAy8

IPTV Apple TV App Store evidence mounts with new iOS 6 Beta http://bit.ly/M80NdK

IPTV Nexus Q Vs. Apple TV: Is Google’s Cloud-Based Entertainment Hub … http://bit.ly/Qqyl5A

Mobile – “50% of mobile users worldwide don’t have access to broadband, meaning femtos are not an option”

Telecom – Total Telecom Interview: Dato’ Baharum Salleh, CEO, Symphonet… http://bit.ly/QqxmSS

Mobile – Vodafone announces new European operating structure: http://bit.ly/Qqw1LU

Femtocells deployed by O2, Orange and Bouygues http://mwl.me/MXAjbg

T-Mobile brings out new mobile data plans mainly for the suits and ties, makes overage optional http://dlvr.it/1n1vRp

Retransmission Overhaul Launched – http://ow.ly/bSLxr

70% Of Consumers Now Watch TV On Non-TV Devices; PCs Reign Supreme: http://bit.ly/LgS3xE

Mobile – Today = 700 million smartphones. 2017 prediction = 3 billion+ http://ow.ly/bRrwW ‘The Internet is Going Mobile’.

Mobile – 700MHz LTE spectrum granted to three Japanese cellcos – http://bit.ly/Qqs0XW

Mobile – Asian operators plan LTE roaming – http://bit.ly/MZBbhy

Mobile gaming goes cross-platform – http://bit.ly/MZBdpF

Akado looking to develop regional markets and personalisation: Russian service provider Akado aims to deliver gr… http://tinyurl.com/72nxeyf

Tablet video viewing doubles in 12 months: Use of tablets for viewing TV and video content has more than doubled… http://tinyurl.com/6lwa6kv

Ofcom reveals pay TV provider with most complaints: Ofcom has for the first time-released data about the most co… http://tinyurl.com/788ugxp

Broadcasters need freedom to diversify revenues, says RTL’s Rudas: Free-to-air broadcasters need the freedom to … http://tinyurl.com/6uwd274

Value key to success in Russian market, Digital TV CEE attendees told: Two Russian pay TV service providers with… http://tinyurl.com/87s34ok

Lebanese telecom operator Alfa selects Astellia to deploy 3G+ monitoring solution http://goo.gl/noJAt

Bouygues Telecom starts offering femtocells – goo.gl/okAkC

NBCU starts marketing of Olympic ‘TV Everywhere’ authentication – mobile.multichannel.com/article/486521 How NBC Sports is preparing for the most social #Olympics ever ow.ly/bSTdd

MPEG Industry Forum declares victory, bids adieu: Following fairly close on the heels of its announcement … bit.ly/MXEi7L

New Infonetics report predicts a “big shift” in the Pay TV market bit.ly/LtXjMD

Top cable news stories of the week goo.gl/usLxh

DTH – Polish DTH platform n: the numbers dlvr.it/1n2mX0

Carrier Ethernet – US School taps Bright House for Carrier Ethernet fibre network – http://goo.gl/fWF2s

Broadband – Infrastructure Development Opens Opportunities for Broadband Operators in Southern Africa bit.ly/MDt47S

UK Europe’s hub for connected devices, with OTT access up 114% is.gd/D9eGWX

Second Screen Study: Tablet based web traffic rises 94% during prime time TV hours – http://ow.ly/bSVNi

Research and Markets: Next Generation Network China and South Korea 2012-2017: Market Trends, Challenges and Prospects bit.ly/MAxs9p

4K TVs are coming, but they face an uphill battle in the home – arstechnica.com/gadgets/2012/0…

Mobile – The Small Cells Daily is out! bit.ly/KUJ85N

Google TV – Sony’s Google TV box coming to Canada in August sns.mx/fEfAy6

Social TV – Second Screen App Yap.TV Gets Even More Social With Facebook Open Graph Integration | awe.sm/c0Kmo

OTT services in CEE are keeping up with W Europe, for both pure OTT and operator-led platforms. Read  new DTVE report – bit.ly/OyNLWS

FCC: Comcast must pay $800K for failing to market affordable standalone broadband service – http://is.gd/WS9L6O

Q&A with Jill Campbell: Cox COO details strategy for “right sizing” cable subscribers. http://is.gd/UXjKJ1

Consumers Fail to Take Mobile Device Protection Seriously bit.ly/MDv9AD

Skytide Updates Its 2012 Online Video Industry Forecast bit.ly/MB3yBN

IPTV – Google to take on Apple TV with $299 ‘Nexus Q’ http://bit.ly/N7iKU7

Austria’s operator merger plans facing further scrutiny http://mwl.me/LFW4Ai

MDA rockets on SS/L buy http://bit.ly/LFUVJ9

How the TV screen became the 2nd screen for MTV’s OMAs: “we’ve activated a strategy called storytelling w/out borders”- http://is.gd/lIbSpU

Mobile – Orange France begins nationwide NFC SIM rollout in the name of ‘Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité’ – engt.co/MW0rF4

Peel Announces AllPlay TV, A Remote Control For Netflix, DVR, And (Eventually) More – tcrn.ch/M9GHje

Cameroon’s telecom market will grow to reach $1.8bn in revenue by 2017, thanks in part to mobile data consumption: ow.ly/bTEjw

Comcast, Boxee Hammer Out Crypto Deal – Multichannel News – multichannel.com/article/486581…

Google’s TV Strategy Is Doomed – http://tcrn.ch/MWbGxk

Infonetics Research: LTE is Top Driver for IMS deployments, IMS Operator Survey Shows – bit.ly/MZThhm

Satellite/LTE – Hughes and Lemko Demonstrate LTE Video Call Over Satellite Backhaul – dlvr.it/1n9FWn

WiFi – New Wi-Fi standard will speed up video streaming – http://bit.ly/N9eAuR

Broadband TV – Cyfra+ enhances offer – http://dlvr.it/1nGQtz

Satellite – GPS Tracking via Satellite Phone with RedPort Optimizer relays coordinates… http://bit.ly/QyovPa

Ericsson signs contracts for Rostelecom Mobile and Content Delivery Network…: http://www.thomsonreutersone.com/releaseDetails.faces?rId=1623038

Pay TV – Variety makes for difficulties in LATAM Pay TV market – http://is.gd/cSIKCf

Broadband company in national spotlight  – http://www.thisisscunthorpe.co.uk/Broadband-company-national-spotlight/story-16468575-detail/story.html

Why iPhones generate so much more data traffic than any other smartphone? http://bit.ly/ME9ud7

US pushes forward on public-safety LTE network- The next phase of interoperability testing is set to begin July 9 – http://www.networkworld.com/news/2012/061612-us-pushes-forward-on-public-safety-260253.html?source=nww_rss

Comcast trademarks “The Future of Awesome” slogan. http://www.fiercecable.com/story/comcast-trademarks-future-awesome-slogan/2012-06-29

Maxis signs strategic partnerships to deliver IPTV in Malaysia is.gd/cmF8sW

SouthwestAir making history again by offering live streaming TV on some flights – latimes.com/business/money…

IPTV – Ooyala’s Fulcher: Traditional TV Providers Have A Lot To Gain From IPTV Methods adexchanger.com/digital-tv/ooy…

Social TV/IPTV – German cable war escalates awe.sm/oqsU

STB – Se lanza Youview en UK la próxima semana precio Set-top box: £200 bit.ly/MbJkBc

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