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Ting is going to offer the Samsung Galaxy S III on Sprint’s LTE network – http://bit.ly/OLQQSv

With broadband, you can make your home smarter than you think – http://bit.ly/q4clzA

ConnectAmerica Fund aims to connect 7 million un-served rural Americans to Broadband in 6 years –http://fcc.us/cafrualcanv

Ooyala Innovation: HTML5 Online Media Management: HTML5 Online Video Service –http://mvpx.tv/RdQExP

ProSiebenSat.1 looks beyond free TV – http://dlvr.it/1xfrcb

BT, Virgin attack Pay TV ruling – http://dlvr.it/1xfrc8

Aereo Dangs the Torpedoes, Offers Free Trial and $1-a-Day Pass – http://is.gd/bVCh6t  – Monthly passes for $8 and $12; yearly for $80, also offered

Google Fiber a Bid to Change the World: Jason Calacanis, Launch.co – bit.ly/OJaRuo

DirecTV loses subscribers … on purpose – bit.ly/OJ9JXH – actually to stop churn.

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Mobile – WPC: Wireless charging could mean the end of wires and worries about your phone’s battery life – bit.ly/RdI2qP

LTE/4G/Mobile – Kenyan Government Selects Alcatel, Nokia Siemens and Others to Invest in the Country’s LTE Network – bit.ly/RdXnrm

Mobile – AT&T Gobbles Up Nextwave Wireless For $600 Million – In The Process Getting Huge Stable of WCS Spectrum – dlvr.it/1xg5Nm

Pay TV – More than 400,000 homes have dropped Pay TV service this year..smart take on weak economy/maturing biz by YinkaWrites – reut.rs/RdURkY

Rovi licenses IPG patents for Google Fiber-TV deployment in Kansas City – fiercecable.com/story/rovi-lic…

Research and Markets: Bulgaria Telecommunications Report Q3 2012: 3G … – SYS – sns.mx/uCkUy1

Competition Commission confirms Sky Movies decision – trap.it/P8ES8N

IPTV: The Growth of the Connected Television – ow.ly/cH5gf

Broadcast TV – UK report portends possible OTA TV extinction – shar.es/v7jB6

localtv Platform now linked to Samsung Smart TV, LG & Sony Connected TV devices beta trialing of delivery was a success.

Why we need a new streaming technology: A Real World Example of the Bandwidth Issue – kansasgeek.blogspot.com/2012/08/a-real…

Google fiber to have ‘no caps, no overage charges,’ exec says | bit.ly/QCCTH2

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Why Apple TV Just Became Apple’s Most Important Product – ow.ly/1OovFf

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IPTV CBS chief wary of making a deal with Apple TV: LOS ANGELES — (TheWrap.com) — CBS chief Les Moonves… bit.ly/PG8rba

IPTV Vizio seeing strong demand for Google TV set-top: Vizio has announced today that it cannot keep the new Co… bit.ly/QFh6i7

Wireless – Ting Offering the Samsung Galaxy S III for $529: MVNO Ting announced that customers interested in th… bit.ly/QkLYF2

Mobile – Verizon Wireless ordered to stop blocking tethering apps – http://twurl.nl/hixhne

Mobile – 3 Wireless Technologies That Will Change Home Networking – http://ow.ly/cGjHb

Almost Half Of NBC’s Olympics Video Streams On Devices : Mobile access to NBC’s digital video streams… http://bit.ly/N3dNk5

Google Signs Rovi Patent Deal for TV Program Guides – http://dthin.gs/QzIfmg

UHDTV – With Super Hi-Vision, the TV landscape will look very different ten years from now – http://tnw.to/k2JA

Verizon Registers High TV Interactivity Rate with Olympics Widget: http://is.gd/o4cOaN

Carrier Ethernet – Level 3 expands fibre network in Washington state – http://goo.gl/chK80

Carrier Ethernet – Delivering Corporate Networks to the Cloud: Is Your Network Ready? http://goo.gl/hJ1Bw

Social TV – Tablets, smartphones drive touch screen revenue | http://bit.ly/PXP6Db

IPTV/TV/VoIP – Here We Come? Logitech Unveils Social TV Skype Camera: Skype TV is a topic that barely sees the light – http://bit.ly/RweL6t

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Radio: the future is multi-platform – http://is.gd/yxCdOC

OTT – SkyUK takes on Netflix with the launch of Now TV movie streaming apps for iPhone and iPad – http://bit.ly/QeizfD

OTT – Here comes Max: How Netflix wants to gamify your movie recommendations — Online Video News – http://bit.ly/Qegwbf

3D – TandemLaunch licenses new 3D technology – http://is.gd/5tMqlc

AT&T Expects to Close its GSM Network by 2017 – http://bit.ly/PY0Q7X

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Multiscreen TV – Rostelecom: “Cloud-based service provisioning is the only way to provide a real multiscreen TV service” – bit.ly/OFByfO