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OTT – White Paper OTT services: How operators can overcome the fragmentation of communication: bit.ly/OWpqY4

Mobile – India approves starting price for spectrum auction – http://is.gd/X7ExMY

Mobile/Femto cells – Small cell rollouts may face delays due to legacy planning processes – http://is.gd/atyD5v

Mobile – AT&T eyes 2G network shutdown by 2017 – http://is.gd/b2lqE7

LTE/4G – Sprint first to roll out Alcatel-Lucent lightRadio kit – http://is.gd/vuRKFf

Mobile – Europe’s Lycamobile plans Canadian foray – http://is.gd/nGST3U

CRTC gives TV subscribers more control, with a catch – http://is.gd/eCSz0D

Apple TV – IPTV Survey: 49% interested in an Apple TV, but not for $1500: FORTUNE — Two analysts — Piper Jaffray’s Gene … bit.ly/RsGpUO

IPTV eCommera announces partnership with Brightcove to provide brands & retailers …: Tweet · Tweet. eCommera… bit.ly/RsGpUM

Kagan: Google Fiber will threaten Pay TV – bit.ly/PH3bnb Should TV ops be afraid of Google Fiber? Afraid of a PR stunt? only TWC, SureWest, AT&T in KC will be locally affected – http://is.gd/xuYUBH

IPTV – German catch-up TV portal scuppered: A regional court in Germany has decided against allowing two of the country… bit.ly/MC6KAU

Apple and the iPhone TV: one day all televisions will be this way – bit.ly/S4Cxa9

DT reports stable revenue as Pay TV and mobile data offset decline in voice – bit.ly/RtoddT

SecondScreens and the Olympics, Ch. 2 | InteractiveTV Today – bit.ly/Qi5uhp “a blockbuster week for second screens.”

Bristol engineers play leading role in UK roll-out of high speed fibre broadband – ow.ly/cR1iX

CTIA Launches Responsible Wireless Campaign – bit.ly/MBwwiF

Canal Digital switches to NDS – http://is.gd/hAs0D5

IPv6 – IPv6 Peering, Part 2: The Next Steps for ISP Interfacing – ow.ly/cRcZj

Yahoo’s Olympics Coverage Draws 2B Page Views: Yahoo has struck gold again at the Olympics. The Web giant… bit.ly/P3avxr

Seat-back in-flight entertainment systems and screens to be ditched in favor of tablets by 2020 –http://bit.ly/P1NRFA

Mobile – RIM overturns Mformation patent ruling; Vringo buys Nokia IP – http://is.gd/TDNSRo

Mobile – Operator News in Brief – 10th Aug 2012 – http://bit.ly/RwsVHE

Mobile/OTT: The monster under the bed – http://sco.lt/8QEi6z

The increasing adoption of Connected TVs has led to growth in games spending – bit.ly/PJ6muE

New Post: “Apple TV Is Going To Be Software, Not Hardware” TV needs a better interface – not a better screen – kitd.com/?p=6739

Alcatel-Lucent Cloud White Paper: Why All Clouds Are Not Created Equal – bit.ly/PMTjO7

IPTV has definitely helped London venues with their coverage of the Olympic2012.

Olympics2012 – Durchbruch für Internet-TV – http://bit.ly/NrDGH3

STB – Albis Technologies’ SceneGate™ Micro II STB Enhances Viewing Experience With HD Graphical User Interface – bit.ly/TmJvKd

Magyar Telekom grows IPTV business – bit.ly/TlM4vT

Report: Global IPTV Industry – http://is.gd/fATqIs

300,000 Americans Just Pulled The Plug On TV – read.bi/Ne43FJ

Femtocells – The Small Cells Daily is out! – bit.ly/KUJ85N

La location de DVD et Blu-ray toujours préférée à la VOD – feedly.com/k/OPw4iw

Social TV – Trendrr lands Nielsen exec to grow social TV metrics: lostremote.com/2012/08/09/tre…

Connected TV/IPTV – AOL Adds Platforms For Its Redesigned Connected TV App: “Demand among advertisers for connected TV inventory… bit.ly/MYFjNd

Connected TV – 56% of Connected TV Owners Have Hooked Their Sets to the Internet – bit.ly/OWydt7