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Broadcast TV – BBC breaks Olympic records – http://www.csimagazine.com

Exterity’s AvediaPlayer Desktop is compatible with Apple Mountain Lion OS – http://is.gd/1HmzjR

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Femtocells – The Small Cells Daily is out! – http://bit.ly/KUJ85N and bit.ly/KUJ85N

Viasat’s 3D channel adds High TV 3D – http://dlvr.it/1zpJKR

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Satellite – Astra 2F launch moves to September 21 – http://dlvr.it/1zp2B2

Satellite – IS-21 satellite launch on 8/18 will provide the highest cable head-end penetration in Latin America & Caribbean – http://ow.ly/cSSeK

Satellite – Inmarsat Introduces BGAN Link Promotions Designed for Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa http://i.gsat.cl/TryKGl

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Satellite – Essberger opts for Inmarsat FleetBroadband – http://i.gsat.cl/TrzrzD

Cable TV/DTV – Comcast Takes Digital Upgrade to All Channels in Washington – http://is.gd/5s56wr

Satellite – The Satcom Daily is out! – bit.ly/nqUqKc

Carrier Ethernet – CenturyLink Regains Ground in Ethernet – http://goo.gl/Y28ac

White Paper Analytics Empower Cable Operator with Real-time Fraud Detection Capability: http://bit.ly/Ph14vN

Gulf telcos focus on data – goo.gl/I0DDY

CONNECTIONS Europe: Monetizing the Digital Home | Submission deadline: SEPT 20 – ow.ly/c94Pv

Connected tech is all around – bit.ly/MWPw1a

Google offers three premium content packages for Fiber TV | dld.bz/bJzhU Google Fiber premium TV content announced – goo.gl/fb/ltNK2

PLDTHome M&A talks with gmanetwork hit problems – bit.ly/Pb3XgP

Tensions rise in Korean IPTV market between olleh_home LGUplus and local broadcasters – bit.ly/PVY6ru

MPEG Looks to Double MPEG4 Video Compression with New HEVC – telecompetitor.com/?p=24468

CarrierEvo reveal possibilities for Telco IPTV market penetration despite cable subscriber woes – ow.ly/cXZPj

TV Everywhere – New system promises ‘TV everywhere’ – dld.bz/bJzgT

Cable has 50% share of the Dutch PayTV market as IPTV ranks third at 7% –broadbandtvnews.com/2012/08/14/76-…

Malaysia’s REDtone sells IPTV division: Malaysian service provider REDtone is quitting the IPTV game in order to focus on Broadband and Telephony customers – bit.ly/Nxt7nu

IPv6 repost Global average Internet connections reach 2.6 Mbps: bit.ly/PTEOmA

STB – Over 60mn STBs to be shipped in India in 2017: The Indian market for set-top boxes will see substantial – bit.ly/O5DBrX

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Google Crushes Piracy by Burying Their Content Deeper Into Search Results – trap.it/Qypsvs

OTT – Netflix Heads to Scandinavia –http://dthin.gs/Np2fKb Netflix to enter Nordic markets by end of 2012 – trap.it/HDZYBb

Social TV – Infographic: The Social TV Puzzle | http://dld.bz/bA8Dc

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Apple Granted Patent for TV Set-Top Box, Display Menus | TheWrap TV bit.ly/TDawZL

Pay TV – Reports of Pay TV’s Demise Are Premature — Yet Again – bit.ly/Pnxd4S

MPEG DASH – The commercial deployment of MPEG-DASH (dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP) standard moves one step closer with the first live public trial, presented by Belgian public broadcaster VRT – http://dashpg.com/?page_id=216

I have seen the future of TV and it is the PS3 youtube app that you can control with iphone/ipad – cnet.co/N0jAce

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MPEG Looks to Double MPEG4 Video Compression with New HEVC – telecompetitor.com/?p=24468