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Guten Tag: Google TV is launching in Germany next month – trap.it/6Pbw22

Too many telly: how fragmentation of the Internet TV space is confusing customers and advertisers alike: http://is.gd/EPmR1l

Apple News: New TV Guide app tries to bridge gap between TV and streaming – nl4.us/zFzJUx

OTT – Broadcasters to triple income from OTT services by 2017: Television broadcasters will triple their revenue… bit.ly/SrDuw2

London calling for MobiTV: US firm MobiTV, a provider of TV everywhere solutions, is expanding its EMEA op… bit.ly/SYePwL

We’re in a period when telco execs, boards, management have to mourn (mostly unconsciously) for old voice/SMS/video/data model; then change.

Hotel technology IPTV Company – “TiVUS” expands to Asia – bit.ly/Ss9u4M

Astro Flies With HD OB From KIT digital System Integration Wing – bit.ly/PENGyz

Chief Strategy Officer, Indosat & Google to analyse how to accelerate the LTE ecosystem through partnerships at LTE Asia

HEVC: Next evolution in delivering video anywhere – ow.ly/dbi5y

Need To Feed Data-Hungry Mobile Devices? Use More Antennas: Researchers at Houston’s Rice University today unveiled… bit.ly/SrNy8i

Japan Cable company Jupiter Telecommunications is using Concurrent’s MediaHawk VX unified… bit.ly/SrNAgH

Google Play video now works on Chromebooks, Chromeboxes – dlvr.it/22mFm5

Connected TV – Best Practices for building User-friendly Connected TV Applications – http://is.gd/yKolwA

Google TrueView In-Stream Takes AdWords for Video Mobile – http://rseo.co/Q4o7KH

FCC – In another Digital First, we released an interactive web-based FCCMap that illustrates our Broadband Progress Report – http://fcc.us/bbandprmap

Google TV – Time for the TV Sector to Tune in to Social Broadcasting – http://sns.mx/f4fKy0

9/25 – Chicago: Generate & Automate Content for Multi-platform, Multi-Display Display Distribution – http://bit.ly/N3QtzF

Rogers Communications to acquire Score Media – http://bit.ly/T5hdlo

GSA Awards Satellite Services Contracts Worth up to $2.6 Billion: http://bit.ly/Ocu0AK

The FCC is out of control and needs to be reined in – Geoff Manne and Berin Szoka argue – http://cnet.co/NP8aUx

Social TV/Multiscreen TV – Encore! Viewing Social TV: The Battle for the Three Screens –http://bit.ly/PMIjiC

TV Guide adds Watchlist, curation and social features in a major iOS app update – trap.it/KRUrcX

Netflix’s Move Into Scandinavia: Not Exactly Big – trap.it/rsGhnr

IPTV/Multiscreen TV – 83% of IPTV operators to offer multi-screen TV by 2013 – bit.ly/T5Cvz9

Amazon Instant Video adds NBCUniversal TV shows – trap.it/72fz6x

STB/Google TV – Google, Hisense Partner for Sub-$100 Google TV Set-top Box – trap.it/WGAZN6

Apple TV – Apple television is still a long way off, says analyst – trap.it/kGRrsS

OTT – Netflix Content Guru Looking for More Global Content Licenses – trap.it/pQHp4y

OTT – Netflix Extends Partnership – Analyst Blog – trap.it/VVFxTF

UHDTV – ITU approves NHK‘s Super Hi-Vision as 8K standard, sets the UHDTV ball rolling very slowly – engt.co/NQI5Ve

Spotify To Launch In Canada As Its Net Losses Grow – trap.it/TeX5yP

Apple TV/IPTV Apple VP Eddy Cue: Apple TV not likely in the near future: … bit.ly/Obv6y6 Apple-branded TV contingent upon content deals – trap.it/haw5N9

STB/Google TV – Sony Internet Player with Google TV – trap.it/gj5TQC

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