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Wi-Fi accounts for 70 percent of all Smartphone-originated traffic! –  go2see.it/khw

Smart TV – Are you a Samsung Smart TV owner? Download SwipeIt and instantly “swipe” photos from your phone to the big screen! – smgm.us/c3G

Satellite – Satellite market growth to be driven by Ku Band – goo.gl/r28EI

How Google is Driving Mobile Video Market Growth – trap.it/PZvWhT

Connected TV/Apple TV – La TVconnectée Apple (IPTV) ne serait pas d’actualité – bit.ly/PgkpbF

Hulu Plus vs Netflix on Apple TV – trap.it/BYfsR6

Watching Movies and TV… With a Catch – trap.it/WkY8f8

The IPTV Daily Newsletter is out! – bit.ly/fNrcuh

LTE/4G – Nearly half of U.S. consumers don’t feel need for 4G LTE speeds – cnet.co/SXOCOO

Finland Allows Tests of cognitive Radio Services – http://bit.ly/OlP0ow

Alaska delegation signs on to defend rural telecoms from FCC rule – http://sns.mx/uCkzy8

IPTV – Global IPTV market to hit 165m by 2017, with APAC contributing 85m of new subscribers with China 77m – http://is.gd/ST1jvZ

STB/Google TV – Hisense Pulse Google TV set-top box coming in November for $99 – http://engt.co/OmWLKW

Version 3.50 of Envivio’s on-demand transcoding software, Envivio Muse On-Demand, offers “si… http://bit.ly/SJkLML

Rogers Media Inc. is buying all outstanding shares of Score Media Inc., and it will w… http://bit.ly/OjM3qj

India’s AJK Cable Networks deployed the Envivio Muse headend system for its new MPEG… http://bit.ly/SJkNnH

IPTV – Espial TV Browser Pre-Integrated on Panasonic Semiconductor’s Connected TV Platform – fb.me/1SyCHMCDm

Broadband TV/IPTV – GOOGLE FIBER – trap.it/qd5aAe

This week: CA bill torches state’s broadband http://bit.ly/SIymFC + following the RNC + reauthorization of Sat TV act

Ericsson study: TV viewing increasingly accompanied by use of social media – http://ow.ly/dhGoY

Mobile – ZTE launching Grand X LTE on China Mobile in Hong Kong – ow.ly/1Ot72x

Traffic and market report came out recently; 6.3B subs and 140 M net adds in Q2 (40% of new Q2 handsets were smartphones) Ericsson12

Hungary adds 90,000 digital TV subscribers in 1H2012 – goo.gl/fb/M7rQi

DigiVive partners with Times Television Network for nexGTv – trap.it/DfLkmv

Social TV – Ericsson: social TV is exploding: The technologists’ predictions are becoming reality: social TV services … bit.ly/Onk5K9

Middle East, North Africa regions set for IPTV explosion – region offers opportunity to build up-to-date networks… fierceiptv.com/story/middle-e…

Video delivery platforms to become US$ 4bn industry by 2017: The good times will keep rolling for provider… bit.ly/MXITKX

IPTV – Mariner Improves IPTV QoE With Microsoft Mediaroom Client 2.2 Integration – bit.ly/QqZcBj

The Best Apps for Watching Movies and TV – dld.bz/bKtAk

“Smart content delivery is the greatest challenge”: Robyn Peterson, Chief Technology Officer at … bit.ly/SMRy3C

SeaChange wins new orders for multi-screen ad platform: US firm SeaChange International, a provider of TV … bit.ly/SMIonN

STB/OTT – Norway’s Altibox goes OTT with video quality assurance: Norwegian triple-play service provider Altibox has… bit.ly/SMIonF

thePlatform debuts video commerce platform: thePlatform, a subsidiary of US cableco Comcast, has developed… bit.ly/PmauRG

Pay TV, Wi-Fi and the once and future home network – dld.bz/bKt5G

TVSync API Aims to Meet Increased Consumer Demand for Connected TV and Second-Screen Applications – trap.it/U2Gtfk

Mobile – Isis, another mobile-payments system, is set to launch next month – cnet.co/O0O4XB

Comcast data suggests digital previews can boost TV ratings – bit.ly/PZzaTZ

OTT – Ericsson’s Djuphammar: Operators that shift rev from minutes/messages to bundles with buckets, generally mitigate OTT threat (Very true!)

Mobile – No NFC in Next-Generation iPhone – ow.ly/1Ot8Xv

Telecom – Department of Telecommunications move for locally-made telecom equipment – sns.mx/uuk0y2