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FCC Defends Net Neutrality Rules – http://bit.ly/PeIO2g

FCC Appears to Have Scrapped Broadband Funding Proposal – http://is.gd/3T3lkN

Freesat confirms that hybrid IP/broadcast is the future – http://ow.ly/dxkbT

Mobile – 4G/LTE – Amazon Lights Up AT&T’s LTE in New Kindle Fire – Telecom News Analysis –goo.gl/GXmQs

UHDTV – HDTV? Pffft. Ultra HD is 4 times better – http://is.gd/1CV4eu

UC – Is your company ready if disaster strikes? NEC’s blog has 4 tips to integrate Unified Communications in the event of an emergency http://ow.ly/dBtY9

Satellite TV – KIT digital partners with major satellite vendors – http://bit.ly/RCNUKR

Pay TV/Google TV – Google steps up outreach to Pay TV operators as it looks to build Google TV offering – http://ow.ly/dCBI1

Broadcast – Neotion VOD CAM solution for Stofa – http://bit.ly/RCNzrD

Mobile/LTE/4G – Video accounts for 85% of Vodafone Germany LTE traffic – http://bit.ly/QDBAKp

Streaming Video – Hoyts launching Hoyts Stream – http://bit.ly/RHJNaH

IPTV Television Consumption Changing Thanks To Internet TV Say Nielsen: Consumers finding new ways to watch TV –

Times Internet announces the launch of BoxTV.com premium video service – http://is.gd/XUgDTb

Apple TV? – http://is.gd/JbD784

IPTV/OTT/Multiscreen TV –  Octoshape and Axel Technologies Partner to Offer MultiScreen OTT IPTV Platform – bit.ly/RCjdFy

Gimme ad-supported Smart TV – http://is.gd/vjcHXZ

LG to Beat Sony to U.S. Market With 84-inch Ultra HDTV (also known as 4K) – http://is.gd/gq799j

Fastweb to close its IPTV service – once the poster child of the Telco TV movement – on Nov 5 – lnkd.in/YiAKsV

IPTV – Technicolor and Telecom Italia partner for next generation CuboVision Service – bit.ly/Pdtx1F

IPTV – Post Addio IPTV – wp.me/1QpBX

TV Middleware – With NextGuide, Dijit Continues the Search for the Perfect TV App – trap.it/HmRe8L

IPTV/OTT – DUNE HD AND MWARE deliver end-to-end solution for IPTV and OTT operators – http://is.gd/68aLFI

The IPTV Daily Newsletter is out! – bit.ly/fNrcuh

IPTV – HuffPo Co-founder Takes on Cable News With New Startup – http://is.gd/h4G0jS

UltraViolet movie format to use Dolby Digital Plus encoding, keep sound thumping across platforms – http://is.gd/RhgFCy

Nielsen could re-define U.S. TV households – http://is.gd/GkwMOM

Why Google is going to sell Motorola’s set-top box biz — Online Video News – http://bit.ly/S8jBGR

STB – Digital STB shipments to reach a quarter of a billion this year: Despite experiencing some significant challenges… bit.ly/OfRzIq

M-Go: Technicolor, Dreamworks Back New Video Service – http://is.gd/bbFxjt

More research on cord-cutting and nevering “Nielsen shows how people use TV differently” – http://is.gd/YfCC0t

How times have changed! “Time Warner Cable: How about some TV with your Netflix?” – http://is.gd/OUTutC

Mobile – ITU – Mobile technologies & enlightened service packages help persons with disabilities connect to new opportunities –  http://bit.ly/PbizuW

Mobile – M1 awards mobile backhaul contract to Ericsson – http://goo.gl/CB8pO

Satellite – ISRO successfully launched 100th mission placing Astrium Spot-6 and Japanese Microsatellite into orbit: http://ow.ly/dEwrm

FTTH – New fault detection technology has ‘mind-boggling’ impact on business case for FTTH, says UTEL – http://is.gd/O74mFh

Mobile – Smallcells, hetnets and interoperability – interview with Nick Johnson – bit.ly/TMV9Pw

Mobile – Mindspeed and SpiderCloud Innovate on Scalable Enterprise 3G SmallCells – bit.ly/PbccYC

OTT/IPTV – Viaccess-Orca’s OTT and IPTV Solutions Win Four Industry Awards Within Six Months – http://is.gd/n3gOzv

Mobile – 60% of US #mobile bankers likely to adopt a mobile wallet in the next 12 months – http://t.co/rih7RhYf

Satellite – Inmarsat… First Handheld Satellite Phone Orders Reach 100,000 – bit.ly/SHcLPd

STB – Samsung’s Elion TV App May Spell Doom For Set-top Box Vendors, And Offer Hope to Service Providers – http://is.gd/Aci4hL

Social media can drive TV viewership – goo.gl/Ywjty

FCC defends its “trojan horse” approach to net neutrality – http://is.gd/mgVdtl

Satellite – Es’HailSat debuts Ka-band, Ku-band satellite for Qatar, MENA at IBC 2012 – goo.gl/sQug6

If you think your world is connected now, just wait. Future Connected Home | Connected World magazine – ow.ly/dCgA3

NextGuide for iPad Gives You Searchable and Personalized Recommendations For TV – bit.ly/RTY4ph

It’s an LTE (and HD voice) World Going Forward – ow.ly/dGo0l

Social TV – New Study Reveals that Almost 1 in 3 Teens Watch a TV Show Because of Social — And 1 in 4 Often Interact… | sco.lt/7bsvC5

Nielsen To Extend Metrics To Mobile, Online Ratings ‘Accurate’ – http://is.gd/L8oeV8

Social TV – Yet another sign of Social TV growth and gr8 network execution: X Factor premiere boasts 1300% growth from 1st season – trendrr.tv/main/chart

VOD – Some pretty bullish comments from TW’s CFO on SVOD upside: “Warner Working With Netflix on Original Programming” – http://is.gd/w3aPbn

IPTV Kaltura Launches Next Generation Solutions for Cross-Device Video Delivery: Kaltura Launches Next Generation – bit.ly/PfC2Lg

Mobile – How the Carriers Will Pitch iPhone 5 Buyers (And What They Won’t Tell You) – dthin.gs/ShrWIo

TV Everywhere is a hot-button for SPs at the moment. But it has woeful visibility. The BEST customer awareness is 26%.

OTT – Scaling OTT: Do the economics stack up?: OTT delivery of TV content is widely touted as the future of television… bit.ly/PnhY83

Ooyala: 60% of Online Video Viewing is Now Long-Form – ow.ly/1Ovizy

Kansas City (KC) gets Google Fiber for real in October-Hanover Heights section of KC, Kan., leads wire-to-wire and is first in line – bit.ly/QZDNKN

Miranda Technologies’ Vision Of Control With NVISION (SatBroadcasting) – http://goo.gl/fb/mjnS4

Satellite – Disaster Monitoring Constellation… Superior Space Systems (Satellites) –http://goo.gl/fb/ZWLB8

Connected TV – Every LED/LCD/Plasma TV Sets to be sold in 2017 in Latin America will be connected to the Internet… http://fb.me/1vgeL5YVn

Satellite TV- Eutelsat-Panel auf den Medientagen München zu “TV-Plattformen der Zukunft” – http://bit.ly/QXxIUR

Google: Wallet usage doubles since opening to all credit cards – http://bit.ly/QfIJPv

The battle for market share in Scandinavia as HBO and Netflix prepare to launch there – http://bit.ly/Skvfyw

Broadcast TV – Harris InfoCaster 4.3.3 SE Released. Get it here: http://bit.ly/RPiIrN