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While Wall St. analysts are encouraged by pure-play TV groups’ financial improvement, some are still skeptical – http://bit.ly/OZiMkf

Singapore Airlines launches SwiftBroadband-based connectivity for Long-haul Fleet – http://is.gd/ZnwAjR

Comcast’s fastest broadband starts cap-free – A new 305Mbit/s (downstream) residential broadband tier from Comcast Corp. that’s available in most of the operator’s northeast markets won’t be saddled with soft usage caps and overage charge policies that Comcast is testing in Nashville, Tenn.; and Tucson, Ariz. — at least not yet. The new tier is “being offered as unlimited,” and Comcast has “no further plans to announce at this time,” a company spokesman said.

Starting next month, Comcast will test out a new broadband usage plan in Tucson that will begin to scale customer monthly data allowances with the speeds offered by individual Internet service tiers. For example, customers who take Comcast’s fastest tier in that market (105Mbit/s downstream) will have 600GB of wiggle room per month before they’re subjected to possible overage charges, while customers of most of Comcast’s other tiers in Tucson will be fitted with 300GB caps. Comcast has yet to apply any of its new usage-based policies in markets that currently offer the recently launched 305-Meg tier.

Bright House Networks to beef up its metro network – Bright House Networks will beef up its metro network and continue its evolution toward a more packet-centric infrastructure after selecting Fujitsu Network Communications Inc’s 100G Flashwave 9500 Packet Optical Networking Platform. In addition to expanding the capacity of its metro networks, Bright House also hopes to lower the cost per bit of optical transport by tapping the platform’s ability to deliver 100 Gbit/s on each of 88 channels. Bright House serves about 2.5 million business and residential customers in five states.

BendBroadband CEO requests FCC to permit Basic tier encryption ASAP for large MSOs only – BendBroadband President and CEO Amy Tykeson urged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to allow cable operators to encrypt their basic TV tiers posthaste, but asked the Commission not to impose some conditions on smaller MSOs that are being proposed by the nation’s six largest incumbent cable operators. Among the proposals being pitched by the Big Six includes the use of an operator-supplied adapter, such as a digital transport adapter (DTA), with home-networking capability that can decrypt basic TV signals and pass them along to IP-connected video devices, such as a Boxee box, that are sold at retail. According to this FCC filing, she argued that such conditions would be prohibitively expensive for tier 2/3 MSOs, and that “small operators do not have the clout, resources, or scale enjoyed by the largest operators to influence manufacturers in the design of new models of DTAs…”

Invidi Technologies gets patent for keyword based addressable advertising – Invidi Technologies Corp. has scored a patent that explains how to generate addressable (i.e. targeted) advertising via the use of keywords. The patent (No. 8,272,009) is titled “System and Method for Inserting Media Based on Keyword Search,” and describes how those keywords, when used in an electronic program guide, for example, can be monitored and used to target an ad to a set-top box. In the cable context, Invidi’s software lives in the box and selects an ad from a group of them being streamed to the set-top or from a batch of ads that are stored locally on a DVR.

Roku Streaming Stick coming in October for $99, while mobile app adds AirPlay – CNET – bit.ly/SEvXXx

Multiscreen TV – “The ‘second screen’ has become an obsession in the broadcast industry” – bit.ly/Psu2XB

World’s first LTE-enabled quadricopter takes off – new Nokia Siemens Networks blog by Gerald Reddig –http://bit.ly/P2GZX2

IPTV – Developing Countries Welcome New Web TV Features – shar.es/uIwIA

OTT – Shaw latest to launch Web video-on-demand service to rival Netflix – http://is.gd/FVQUqa

With TiVo Stream, TV Goes Beyond TV – on.wsj.com/QQUk2T

Multiscreen TV/Telco TV – Getting ready for Telco TV? Check out our new TransAct Encoder/Transcoder for multiscreen IPTV – bit.ly/OkmsN6

Better the devil they know? BT and UK cities’ £114 million superfast-broadband fund: The most interesting … bit.ly/UtGGbx

Cable TV – Liberty Global continues to snap up leading cable players across Europe, bidding for the rest of Belgian MSO Telenet – goo.gl/wIrQS

Clearwire TDD-LTE network to wholesale to Sprint to augment Sprint’s FDD-LTE network RE – bit.ly/PDdCLM

Accedo to power cloud-based Social TV app for Telecable Pay TV in Spain – ow.ly/dRfHs

OTT/Satellite – “OTT Distribution Costs Could Put Providers at a Disadvantage” – ow.ly/dRhfz

Verizon CFO buries his head in the sand, claims unlimited data is ‘going by the wayside’ – engt.co/OHFAJG

Time Warner Forecasts Wholesale Rev Growth, Higher TV Subscriber Fees: Though the multichannel TV universe… bit.ly/Of3kEU

Social TV Check-ins: A Metric With Measly Market Merit, says TDG Research – http://is.gd/ZWYybv

Roku Streaming Stick a Stone’s Throw Away, Launches in October for $100 – http://is.gd/dUDG6R

Next TV Summit: Westlake: Microsoft Chose to Join Pay TV Ops, Not Fight Them – http://is.gd/XoRMvg

Satellite – China adds two satellites to global positioning net – ow.ly/dRiPf

Tech industry getting serious about open Internet and copyright-related lobbying – http://is.gd/XyPjy5

Social TV – How Social TV buzz really does move the ratings needle – bit.ly/Talzx5