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The IPTV Daily Newsletter is out! – bit.ly/fNrcuh

HBO Nordic delays OTT launch: The launch of HBO’s Nordic online video service has been delayed, the cable network – tinyurl.com/936ysux

Russia’s TransTelCom launches TV service: Russian telco TransTeleCom is launching an online TV service – tinyurl.com/9myha7b

Current TV assessing sale options: International pay TV broadcaster Current TV is eyeing a sale – tinyurl.com/8dtdkwq

CRTC requires more transparency in rates for wholesale telecommunications – sns.mx/uslEy3

Pay TV – Parks Associates finds 7% of US Pay TV subscribers recently returned to the service after cutting the cord – bit.ly/RiUPI9

IPTV/VOD/WiMax – Albentia introduces a new IPTV solution: Digital TV transmission over wireless WiMAX networks with multicast and VOD – goo.gl/gvL5q

IPTV/DVB-T – Macedonian regulator: IPTV subs in country up 51.36% in Q2 to 51,166; DVB-T users down 18.62% to 38,360.

IPTV – Дружно приступаем к участию в тестировании – goo.gl/FXTHo

Cable TV/IPTV – Foxtel explores triple-play and IPTV strategy – http://is.gd/RdROZw

OTT – 3 Reasons Microsoft Should Buy Netflix – http://is.gd/DxXEZC . Furth reason –  Microsoft’s buyout of Netflix would also make sense for one  very important reason not stated above – The current Pay TV players (Cable Companies, Telcos and DTH providers) cannot prevent Netflix from becoming really BIG as they cannot challenge this takeover nor can they themselves buy Netflix  (fall afoul of  “concentration of media”). This will allow Netflix to grow unhindered using the latest technology developed in this space.

Why Apple could own the Living Room of the future – http://is.gd/FG3t0k – Call me an Apple skeptic, but this is not certain in any way and is iffy at best.

OTT – Notes from this week’s Netflix Q&A –  dld.bz/bQBqG

Telco TV: For AT&T, the IPTV game right now is about engagement – http://is.gd/cX2GQZ

4G/LTE – A recent survey of Over 65 unique global service companies, 63% say that their company offers or plan to support M2M services in the cloud.

Mobile – Small Cells to Leverage the Benefits of New Mobile Backhaul Solutions – http://bit.ly/Yeex9w

Multiscreen TV – If Content Is King, Multiscreen Is The Queen – http://is.gd/vOpajA

Bravo Launches Interactive Experience for its New Reality Series, Start-Ups Silicon Valley – http://bit.ly/SnTpgf

VOD – UK ITV slowly rolling toward paid VOD launch – http://dlvr.it/2PFljY

Marquis Broadcast has launched X2Pro LE and X2Pro Professional, delivering Final Cut Pro X projects to Avid Pro Tools – http://is.gd/BE7prR

TelecomItalia’s CuboVision lands on Windows8  – http://bit.ly/UYMNXq

Dutch to tax DVR and tablets – http://dlvr.it/2PCkzK

Telecom – Video: Ericsson predicting telecom business model moving from direct to indirect – http://youtu.be/pvH1Ciqt0_c

Liberty Global: Cable services will transition over time to cloud-based infrastructure: Aamir Hussain, Man… bit.ly/Sdr35R

Connected TV – DTG: “The user experience of Connected TV has become more seamless”: Richard Lindsay-Davies, Director Gene… bit.ly/XRTsCD

Multiscreen TV – Bahrain’s Atyaf launches TV Everywhere: Bahraini Telco Atyaf has launched an over-the-top (OTT) multi-screen TV – bit.ly/RlPJY6

Apple TV – Mark Cuban: Apple TV Is a Pipe Dream – http://is.gd/aFsFxm

IPTV – Chile’s Movistar ready to deliver IPTV over fibre: Telefónica’s Chilean subsidiary Movistar has connected … bit.ly/V3HZQI

GWI Maine lists OTT as a reason not to get into IPTVgwi.net/policy/blog/fi…

Advertising on a Freemium Model : In the long run, we are all advertisers – http://is.gd/yyPzg3

EIU report suggests that the UK’s broadband plans are unlikely to have the economic impact many have hoped for – ht.ly/eSAHD

Digital Policy Institute Examines Broadband in America – ow.ly/eR22z

Roku Gets the Ultimate Set-Top Box Feature: Universal Search Across Netflix, Hulu, and Others – http://is.gd/lCUJf3 Roku adds search channel for Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, more – http://is.gd/7SHoy6

Neilsen Wire – In Any Language, Content is Still King: New Survey Finds Spanish-speaking U.S. Hispanics Interested in More – http://is.gd/40AkXu

Univision launches bilingual digital network – http://is.gd/12UkSG

Interview: Netflix talks about its new Windows 8 app – http://is.gd/JE6eYl

Netflix hits Amazon Appstore in UK, available for Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD – http://is.gd/qdd4J7

Practical Content Strategy, Part 1: Roles and Approaches  – http://is.gd/bPGoD9

OTT, Multiscreen TV, & IPTV – CNW Edit Recaps 5 Key Telco TV Takeaways – ow.ly/eTmzw

Mobile – ZTE Named World’s 4th Biggest Smartphone Manufacturer – goo.gl/fb/mZpZG

“It’s all about speed, baby” – goo.gl/fb/xrKda

52% Think Broadband Most Important Utility – Though East Coast Likely Believes Power More Important – dlvr.it/2PY3dH

Mobile – Amid subscriber declines, MetroPCS plans RCS launch for tomorrow – tinyurl.com/9lkyofj

4G/Mobile – Simplicity speeds innovation, simplifies automation – Vish Nandlall, CTO Ericsson at 4G World.