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AT&T Pledges $14 Billion for Broadband Expansion ow.ly/f6ucn

FCC Paves Way for Non-Commercial Stations to Fundraise for #Sandy ow.ly/f6u9F

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A set-top box that streams broadcast TV to mobile devices – http://t.co/Y2Psmg3D – thus showing the TV rights model has to change

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NFC – NFC transactions to reach $100 billion in 2016 – http://is.gd/Uvz1rD

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DVB approves next generation handheld spec – http://bitly.com/R8Fokh

EBU event supports funding for eastern Europe digitisation – http://bit.ly/TsL8Dh

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HD+ in over 750,000 German households – http://bit.ly/RyCsNT

Croatia’s biggest telecom company suffers setbacks in profit – http://goo.gl/q1pHt

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Discovery Channel app launched today on Samsung Smart TV in the US – developed by Accedo.

Netflix enacts ‘poison pill’ shareholder plan to challenge new investor’s plans to sell the company – http://is.gd/dHuAg5

Magine aims to be a cloud pay TV service without the box – http://magine.com/

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The IPTV Daily Newsletter is out! – bit.ly/fNrcuh

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