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IPTV – Telefonica standardizes on Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV – bit.ly/R9udLI

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Satellite – Astrium Services to Demonstrate Latest Maritime Solutions for Middle East – ow.ly/fAz75

LTE/4G – EE raises data caps on 4G mobile broadband plans – http://is.gd/czbtVb

Asia Plus launched on Qtel’s Mozaic TV – http://is.gd/0F8Ost

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Telecom – MegaFon raises £1.1bn in London IPO – http://goo.gl/fb/pO1TM

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Discovery growing in outside of the US market places –  http://lnkd.in/25p994

The Web optimization, policy and DPI market is expected to reach $2bn in 2013 according to ABI Research… fb.me/YvsJlEYC

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NOW TV launches on Roku” – Roku’s Euro strategy rolls on. Curious to see what other catch-up clients will launch – advanced-television.com/2012/11/28/now…

MPEG DASH and HEVC, and that talk grew louder and angrier as the conference went on. Will standards lead to the end of the world as we know it? – http://lnkd.in/wM9bR9

220 million Smart TV sets will be sold globally in 2017, up from the 54 million expected in 2012 –bit.ly/Sqj1c0 Smart-TV sales will exceed 50 million globally in 2012, but most will remain unconnected.

Youth revolution: half US and UK viewers consume TV via broadband – http://is.gd/bKiPvI

Mobile – Redknee announces Cellular One deal – redknee.com/about_us/news_…

Carrier Ethernet – Carriers to spend $1B on small cell backhaul by 2017 says Mobile Experts –goo.gl/FdkMr

Carrier Ethernet – BTC cuts wholesale Internet prices by half in Botswana – goo.gl/F9mv0

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Zapstreak, The Android Airplay Alternative, Launches Globally Today – http://is.gd/JJXHth

Sprint starts assembling a connected car dream team – dlvr.it/2Ygxtn

Quickflix (Australia) cost of a new customer is $60 (up from $31) HBO deal is ‘unaffected by FOXTEL Contract’ –bit.ly/Yc59qs

DRM – Chill offers DRM-free video-on-demand from content creators – http://is.gd/eZ6GIR

Redbox Instant video streaming said to launch in December – dlvr.it/2YhfT7

Next argument against flawed ITU WCIT12 proposals for Internet governance – WTO agreements & rules: telecomtv.com/comspace_newsD…

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Bahrain’s Batelco selects IPTV middleware from Oregan Networks: Bahraini Telco Batelco has selected middleware… bit.ly/TwSU0a

HTML5 – Canadian TV software firm Espial buys HTML5 user interface specialist ANT for $8m – goo.gl/mag/WxGngG

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