Broadcast TV, Pay TV, OTT, VOD and the future of Video – Magine says future is about “viewer-designed television”. Do You agree?


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At MIPCOM Magine CEO Mattias Hjelmstedt, started with some happy memories of his first gadget (“the ZX Spectrum”) before looking forward to the acceleration of new technologies. “Just looking at the last five years or so, it has been an explosion,” he said. “If we are to look at the world, it’s going faster and faster.”

Hjelmstedt talked about the high expectations that TV viewers have from their devices and apps. Is technology keeping up with those expectations? “Yes and no. In some terms, technology leapfrogs expectations: for example when the first iPhone came out, and when the iPad came out it was the same,”he said.

“But sometimes expectations are far superior to what you can do. It’s technology together with what you’re willing to do with that content, and how far you’re willing to reach with it… I think the consumer expects to be free. I want to see content at the convenience of my time. The thing we have least of today is time… It’s freedom to consume the thing you want at the specific time you want.”

Magine is hoping to reinvent the distribution of television, said Hjelmstedt. “Try to disregard the history: if you created television today, what would it look like?” And he said this comes back to freedom of choice for viewers, whether they’ve switched on the TV and missed the beginning of a show, so want to wind back, or have forgotten to record a show the previous day but still want to watch it.

What will he have in his lap in 10 years time? “I think we’re going to continue going down the path we’re at. I don’t think the big screens are going to go away. We’re going to think more of screens as screens and nothing else, where you’re going to push your content. Things are growing bigger and they’re growing smaller.”

The final two panelists were Michael Turner, EVP of content for Magine, and Carolina Angarita, global CEO of digital agency Ennovva. “We’re probably in the finest era of my lifetime in terms of storytelling in television. It is now trendy to talk about television series,” said Turner. “My children went to see Gravity in a cinema in Barcelona, and there were about nine people there! If you showed the final episode of Breaking Bad in cinemas across Barcelona, they would all be full.”

Angarita said that the term television should be redefined. “Every day here I think that television is something different to what it used to be,” she said. “Television is what you see, and it has to do with personalisation. Television is what you want to see, when you want to see it.” And she added that while advertisers currently separate their television and internet budgets, in the future it will just be one budget: “It’s content.”

Turner talked about Magine as “viewer-designed television… that basic human activity of switch on, what’s on? What’s been on that I want to watch? And tell me something I might want to watch. With those three things, you can’t lose.” And he stressed that it’s vital for the industry to be able to count all these viewers, to ensure the business is sustainable.

Angarita also talked about social media in Latin America where Facebook and Twitter are very strong, and may have a role to play in helping to measure ratings. “Social media is driving a very strong force towards television,” she said, before asking Turner when Magine will launch in Latin America (the answer: there’ll be a beta launch this year).

Turner ended with some stats: Magine currently has around 55,000 users in Sweden, where it launched in April, and Turner estimated that it now has rights to show 95% of TV programmes there, compared to very little at launch. The company is hoping to build on this growth into 2014 and beyond.

MVPDs, Sports Channels, Subscriber, STB’s and the Pay TV business model screw up – by Vikram R Chari


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Let me preface this by stating – I issue no apologies for my opinions below and have seen the industry enough to understand what is going on and what should really happen vis-a-vis the subscriber.

For sure Video technology has moved faster than other technologies. But with the arrival of IP based (and Internet streaming) technologies, and incorporation into the TV set of STB features (first step Smart TV), it will become much easier for MVPDs to better address their basic needs – bandwidth, customer targeting,  stagnating growth and churn.

The solution to these problems has shifted from STB Manufacturers (largest of who have been moving away from manufacturing boxes themselves due to cost of incorporating new technologies such as HD/3D, Middleware, Gaming RTOS, Internet Surfing, Program Guides, etc…. being prohibitive – re: Cisco–SA, and Motorola hawked by Google – currently sold to Arris) to CE Manufacturers to MVPDs to move “beyond the box” and think beyond it. Granted that the legacy issues will haunt them (i.e. STBs deployed, etc.) for a while, but the earlier they read the proverbial writing on the wall they will improve their chances of efficiently and effectively addressing the basic needs.

Add into this mix the reluctance of Networks, Syndicated Content providers, Sports Nets who have been dragged kicking and screaming to adopt HDTV (which took a long time), very slowly migrating from Analog to Digital and bringing in workflow efficiencies into their broadcasting networks (eg. file based workflows) , simultaneous multi-format processing and output. The ruling thought in the industry was (and to a certain extent still is) why change what is working (from their point of view) and learn new technologies to improve efficiencies (they did not basically like companies such as Microsoft, Apple, etc.). Coupled with this reluctance is the fact that they were on to “bundling” of poor content along with charging premiums for more popular content to MVPDs, passed on directly to the consumers.

The MVPDs-Networks/Syndicates/Sports Channels have a cozy relationship (though they put on a combative face in front of the FCC and the customer) which they are continuing to milk at the expense of the subscriber.

The original intent of adopting the STB was initially to get faraway nets to local TV screens. However, the MVPDs saw that they could make a killing by adopting a walled garden approach and controlling what the viewer could or could not see (especially Sports channels – to an extent forced by the Sports Channel Networks). Added to this was the Pay TV component of on-demand video distribution. This has had the effect of turning off an increasing number of viewers to OTT and Internet streaming.

Given that the subscriber is the one paying for the content, either to Pay TV providers or OTT, I ask a legitimate question – shouldn’t the subscribers be the ones being able to choose i.e. a la carte? How long can the subscriber be left holding the bag for cost increases from MVPDs – just learnt that DTH rates are headed higher. The subsidization of Sports Channels by non-viewing subscribers almost assures that the Sports Channel Pay TV model will continue till something is done about it (TW’s Britt did call this out). However with the declining Pay TV viewership the increases are becoming in-evitable as a smaller pool of subscribers now have to subsidize the insanely costly Sports channels, resulting in higher Cable and DTH costs.

The business models must change in order to have continued subscribers growth in Pay TV, and offer a challenge to OTTs (Netflix has signed with TW for some of their channels). If the FCC shows more spine and the government truly opens up the space (rather than pandering to special interests) the subscriber will always be exploited and pushed into the corner.

Further the MVPDs in the Pay TV space are not doing the following very effectively (and taking the easy way out by amortizing the costs of expensive channels over the less expensive ones and making money anyway they can) i.e –

– Exploiting the data with them on viewership and customer satisfaction

– Targeted advertising

– Exploiting the social media opportunities being thrown up (in particular FB and Twitter) for better targeting of channels

– Better leveraging the second and multi screen opportunities

If the Pay TV folks did the above, they will doubtless see subscriber numbers & revenue (subs and ads) growth & better ROI.

Maybe it is appropriate to call a time-out on all increases till this Content-MVPD-Subscriber “mill round the neck” scenario is changed in favor of the subscriber?

Don’t you guys think so?

Feb 05, 2013 – Vikram R Chari’s Journal – Volume 2012 Issue 166


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Columbus simplifies IP video delivery in the Caribbean: Columbus International, a communications service provider…

Elementos de un Sistema de

Verizon’s FiOS TV subscriber growth slows in Q4 2012 – HbbTV support for Iris

It’s Game On for Second Screen |

The Global Phenomenon of Mobile Commerce : Numerous forms of mobile commerce are emerging in markets large…

Analyst: Redbox Instant poses Netflix SVoD threat

Third of Brits would change TV device

ITU agrees HEVC standard ITU approves HEVC/H.265 video-coding standard, requiring half the bit rate of H.264.

Miranda Technologies acquires Softel

Skyfall digital release before physical

Verimatrix secures MegaFon IPTV

UK lagging in cloud adoption

ProSiebenSat.1 Accelerator incubator

Bulgaria opens new DTT tender

BlackRock lifts blinx stake

Belkin to acquire Cisco’s Home-Networking

ESA Activates Search and Rescue Package on Galileo Navigation Satellites

Cozi TV Debuts Original Show

Africa 24, the news channel, launches on Arabsat’s Badr-4….

U.S. and Canada Partnership Successfully Refuel Mock Satellite on ISS

The BCM7445 delivers Ultra HD content to your living room, cuts bandwidth & power –

NATPE: Interesting parallels between early days of broadcast syndication and online TV: …

MegaFon Selects RGB Networks to Launch New OTT Service –

Zappware delivers multi-device end-to-end OTT solution to SBB and Telemach

Netflix’s House Of Cards Could Be The Best Show You Won’t See On TV

OTT monitoring is important to the network & customer expectations are high! Provide quality OTT content – learn more:

Streaming Video is going mainstream: People often use streaming for game consoles and set-top boxes attached to their TVs: Streaming video is the future: The new H.265 video format will help chew up video so your network can swallow it:

Top 3 media streaming TV devices for 2013 – Roku, Apple TV, and…

IPTV growth slows down in US: While US telcos continued to add IPTV subscribers at a rapid clip in the fourth…

Super Bowl live stream ideal showcase for second screen advertising | It’s Game On for Second Screen –

RuSat Selects Newtec To Offer VSAT Broadband Service

Spanish network picks Comcast Media Center’s VOD platform

Elemental Provides Support for HEVC H.265 Codec –

Sorenson – Hold the Phone — HEVC (H.265) Adoption May Be Sooner Than You Think –

60,000 BT Vision customers with YouView set-top boxes –

Techtel Partner Harmonic Inc Named Top Video Headend Provider in Latest MRG IPTV Market Leader Report:

Jan 23, 2013 – Vikram R Chari’s Journal – Volume 2012 Issue 165


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CSR launches Evaluation, Development Kits for Smart Remotes –

CSR introduces VibeHub, VibePlayer DLNA platforms at CES –

du extends bill payment services to customers through UAE Exchange

Pace ahead of forecast –

Aereo bags $38mn funding, eyes 22 new US cities-

Looking beyond 4k to the TVs of the future at CES

OTT – Netflix Announces Major ISPs Deploying Their CDN Caches; New 3D Streaming –

OTT Broadpeak Launches C-CAS Adaptive Streaming Solution for Pay TV Operators –

SMK to Demonstrate Bluetooth® Smart TV Remote Controls Based on CSR µEnergy® Platform at International CES 2013 –

The New Digital Video Landscape – Streamed Netflix as a Cable Service? –

Mobile – Softbank Mobile Sells Two-Thirds Stake in EAccess –

ACCESS Showcases Advanced Solutions for Connected Home, Connected TV and OTT at 2013 International CES – ACCESS Launches WebKit-based NetFront™ Browser NX 3.0 Featuring World-Class HTML5 and Multiscreen Functionality –

Broadcasters and Publishers to Benefit from DG and Civolution’s Synchronized Ad Platform Availability –

Former FCC Chairman admits data caps aren’t about preventing network congestion | The Verge –

Keep in mind that the following article was written by a vendor-rgb Networks. But I think that it gives a good indication of what is ahead in 2013 for the video industry.

FCC wants gigabit Ethernet in all 50 states by 2015 –

Emerging trend toward bookless libraries in a digital age – Philadelphia Inquirer –

Femto cells – SCASIA13 brochure now available to download – – Hot off the press info about Small Cells Asia 2013

Will TV Everywhere Reverse the Trend for Legacy Pay TV? –

Connected TV/Social TV – Talking to Your Television –

Telefonica targets local markets with M2M

TV Connect Industry Awards to Showcase the Best in Connected Entertainment

Illegal cable operators remain key challenge in Ukraine –…

Multi-screen means licensing headache for Pay TV –

Cable TV rates rise almost [sic] every year, and sports channels like ESPN are widely viewed as the culprit –

OTT – Netflix expected to suffer 4Q loss as costs rise –

Flat screen TV demand deepens across Southeast Asia –

Satellite to carve out UltraHD niche –

Cox Introduces the Next Generation in Home Security –

Jan 09, 2013 – Vikram R Chari’s Journal – Volume 2012 Issue 164


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Euronews launches Greek DTT service – …

How the Middle East uses social media, in four charts –

MRG – US Social TV to Generate $65 Million in 2012 Growing Ten Fold by 2016 –

Hybrid TV – Great strides for Hybrid TV but regulatory challenges remain …

Mobile – China Mobile Hong Kong Launhces Converged TD-LTE / LTE-FDD Network –

Nokia Siemens Networks Wins UK LTE Network Contract –

Service Provider CAPEX Increases in 2013 –…

Powered by the sun, telcos open up cellphone’s final frontier | Reuters –

Infonetics: Multi-Screen Services to Boost Video Infrastructure Market in 2013; Cisco #1 in Cable STBs –

Network TV’s house of cards –

Satellite – Florida Pushes For New Commercial Launch Complex –

Social TV – Social Media Is Now Allowing Us To Impact Television Shows In Real Time –

IPTV – Sky Deutschland & Deutsche Telekom Enter IPTV Deal –

Cable TV – CenturyLink shuffles operating model, will pick new Colorado president:

OTT -Zeebox will bring automatic content recognition ACR/audio fingerprinting to its Second Screen apps –

OTT -Everyone’s about to know what you’re watching on Netflix

IPTV SkyD, Deutsche Telekom ink IPTV deal: News Corp-owned German pay-TV platform Sky Deutschland is expanding …

IPTV seen cutting into cable, satellite in Canada: While news about IPTV growth in the United States is getting…

IPTV Sony May Want to Launch an Internet TV Service: Just when you thought you were beginning to get a grasp of…

OTT/Broadband – Netflix Blog: December ISP Rankings for the USA – …

IPTV-Kooperation – Sky ab Sommer auch bei Telekom Entertain

Nancy Tellem: Why Microsoft’s Looking for TV Hits on XBox Live (Q&A) – The Hollywood Reporter

IPTV A second screen New Year’s: Whether you were among the thousands of people in Times Square waiting for the…

IPv6 takes one step forward, IPv4 two steps back in 2012 (Ars Technica) … …

ACCESS Showcases Advanced Solutions for Connected Home, Connected TV and OTT at 2013 International CES –

CES 2013: Chat with Bob Rango of Broadcom about Miracast & NFC enabled smart TVs:

Accedo Powers Orange Live Box Play –

Dec 19, 2012 – Vikram R Chari’s Journal – Volume 2012 Issue 163


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ABC to lead the way with Telstra Digital Video Network Technology –

CAS/DRM/Encryption – Irdeto, NAGRA security investigation sees satellite operator convict pirate site –

Satellite: Comtech Looks to Regain Mobile Data Footing After Drop in Government Sales –

STB – Pace bids for Google set-top business –  Pace confirms Motorola proposal: UK firm Pace has confirmed it has made an early-stage proposal to search …

Satellite – NewSat Strengthens Satellite Services For Oil And Gas, Mining, Government and Military Customers With New iDirect Hub –

Netflix’s ISP rankings confirm the expected: Google Fiber is ‘the most consistently fast ISP…

66% of Pay TV subscribers have multi-screen in EU vs. 90% in North America –

Ericsson to Enable Global Video Platform for Telefónica Digital –

KPN taps Accenture for improved TV delivery: Dutch Telco KPN has selected US consultancy Accenture to develop…

Netgear esta trabajando en un nuevo Google TV set-top box, the NeoTV Prime IPTV –

Belgacom TV adds apps: Belgian telco Belgacom has started offering apps for its IPTV service ‘Belgacom TV’ –

Apple TV enfrenta serios frenos a la adopción masiva, Si no se vuelve más abierta no alterará el mercado de TV? –

OTT complements premium IPTV service | Savvy Telcos embracing IPTV-OTT hybrid strategies –

KPN past aanbod IPTV en Digitenne aan – –

BT drops Pace for YouView?: UK Telco BT has terminated its agreement with set-top box vendor Pace for the …

Amino secures gateway order from unnamed Euro Telco: UK firm Amino Technologies has won a “significant” or…

Mobile TV – 2012: A Banner Year for Mobile-TV Sports – – Boosted by the Summer Olympic Games in London

Netflix rival Redbox starts movie streaming this month –

Broadpeak Launches C-CAS Adaptive Streaming Solution for Pay-TV Operators. Integrated on Broadpeak BkS100 Servers, C-CAS Brings Adaptive Streaming to Legacy Set-Top Boxes –

Pay TV – Indonesia’s growing middle class is ready for Pay TV –

Apple “moving closer to making TV set”: In the latest instalment of a rumour series that just won’t die – How the Apple TV will work:

Ofcom releases International Communications Market Report –

CALM act goes into effect today, should keep TV commercial breaks quieter –

Nangu.TV to showcase solution at CSTB 2013 –

BBC: “Online is a wonderful canvas for us”: Daniel Danker, General Manager of On Demand at the BBC…

TV über den DSL-Anschluss von Vodafone –

Samsung take on the ‘Set top box’ by offering full IPTV capabilities over a smart TV –

Multiscreen TV/IPTV – The key business driver for multiscreen IPTV is not incremental revenue, but rather customer loyalty:

Audio specialist DTS to improve sound of UltraViolet movies: US firm DTS has seen its surround sound technology…

Deutsche Telekom’s IPTV explained…for kids –

Sweden’s Telia launches TV Everywhere: Swedish Telco Telia will launch its new TV Everywhere service on De…

UltraViolet passes 7mn registered accounts: There are now over 7mn registered accounts for the ‘UltraViolet…

OTT – Redbox Instant to launch in beta before Christmas: The partners behind soon-to-launch US online video service…

Consumers keep loving streaming media players: Global popularity of streaming media players – those boxes …

IPv6 Forum: Japan using IPv6 for IPTV multicast for more efficiency…

Albentia introduces a new IPTV solution: Digital TV transmission over wireless WiMAX networks with multicast and VoD –

Nextra Teleservices selects IBM’s PureSystems technology –

India will have 61 million Digital Cable TV Subscribers by 2015: Analysys Mason –

Mobile – New research could offer better cell reception at lower cost –

FCC approves Dish Network’s wireless plans –

Mobile – UAE Based Du Signs $100 Million Loan for Huawei Equipment Purchases –

Shell Renews Contract with T-Systems –

Taiwan Broadcasting System goes HD with ATEME MPEG-4 Encoders –

Ofcom – The latest Broadcast Bulletin has just been published –

Satellite – Troubled Russian Satellite Reaches Designated Orbit: A wayward Russian satellite reached its designated geostationary orbit –

Mobile – Australia Approves Mobile Roaming Rules, Costs –

Satellite – Argentina’s state-run telecom, Arsat, to launch mobile services: Argentina’s president Cristina Fernández de Kir…

OTT, VOD to dominate by 2020, driving big network changes –

LTE/4G – Ethiopia to get LTE –  Ethiopia’s monopoly operator Ethio Telecom has announced plans to deploy LTE services.

Free Wi-Fi Coming to Scottish Trains –

BBC plans revamp of BBC iPlayer for Android –

Research: Pay TV customers will cut existing bills before cutting cords –

Ono’s TiVo launches new HDTV channels –

DTH – UPC hits new DTH milestone –

Second screen Social TV app Zeebox launches on BlackBerry smartphones –

5 Myths about Social TV |

Dec 10, 2012 – Vikram R Chari’s Journal – Volume 2012 Issue 162


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Swisscom reveals its plans for HEVC on classic

Samsung HDTVs get an IPTV app for LG U+ in Korea, most US providers are still slacking…

Open IPTV Forum Commissions Digital TV Labs To Provide An OIPF Test Suite –

KPN Close to Sale of Spanish MVNO –

Aereo CEO: Our cheap TV wouldn’t exist without cloud computing –

How to increase the Distance for TV over DSL Using Retransmission Video Servers –…

BT Vision adds Universal Channel and others: UK telco BT has signed a deal with Universal Networks International…

OTT/Streaming Video – TDG: Netflix “betting the farm” on Disney: US research firm The Diffusion Group (TDG) has gone on record a…

“40% [tablet users] use them at least 1x/day while watching TV, 22-25% use them several times” –

UK Research: Pay TV customers will cut existing bills before cutting cord –

FCC Ajit Pai – We need modern regulations to accelerate the transition to an all-IP world. We need a modern regulatory framework to expedite the Internet transformation. Reclassifying broadband under title II would receive bipartisan criticism.

Is T-Mobile Quietly Deploying HD Voice? – AMR-WB Technology Not the Battery Hog VoLTE Is

CipherCloud Raises $30M From Andreessen Horowitz For Cloud Encryption Technology –

YouTube Guide Is Coming To All Devices, Site Gets Update –

Tech alliances join forces at CES2013 to create a seamless, connected home. Read how:

Broadband – Second wave of UK’s ultrafast broadband cities unveiled –

Satellite – Thales Alenia Space and Astrium GmbH Collaborate for BepiColombo –

Satellite – Globalstar Returns Next-Generation Satellite to Commercial Service –

Deutsche Telekom invests almost EUR 30 billion over three years in the future of telecommunications –

Cable companies ordered to support HD content streaming within homes by 2014 –

TDS: IPTV will be available in 3 additional markets this year –

FTTH – Eircom to connect 1mn Irish homes with fibre by end-2014: Irish Telco Eircom has confirmed the next phase …

US Pay TV operators and STB firms sign up to energy-saving plan: Fifteen leading Pay TV providers and cust… Set-Top Box Energy Conservation Agreement Expected to Save U.S. Consumers $1.5 Billion Annually

Multiscreen offerings “dramatically increasing” in Europe and Asia: Low average revenues per user (ARPUs)… Multiscreen services will reach over 100 million Western European Pay TV subscribers by 2016 –

BBC launches Connected Red Button –

Time Warner Cable expands WiFi reach –

New Zealand’s Telecom trials LTE: New Zealand operator Telecom has begun trialling its LTE network in parts…

Infonetics confirms “retro-SON” deployments –

IPX networks to carry wholesale services worth $5 billion by 2017 –

Mobile – Now is the time to build mobile apps, small business owners |

Parks Associates: Pay TV providers in Europe and Asia testing new roles as OTT providers –

Cable TV/Broadcast TV – As cable ratings climbed, cable TV began programming year round – – Broadcast TV now following suit

Satellite – O3b’s customer, Ozonio MDC have just launched portable Micro Data Centers to our links – see Financial Post article:  O3B Networks to deliver Satellite Internet in Madagascar –

Satellite – Modernizing Internet Service Delivery Via Satellite Broadband –

Satellite – Extended Satellite Network:

Cord Cutters – One more time – We are having a lot of fun in our new Google+ Cord Cutters community – check it out:

The Small Cells Daily is out! –

CRTC urged to ban 3-year cellphone contracts –

Vivendi offered $8bn for Brazilian DTH –

Polish Pay TV merger complete –

Ukraine’s goes global –

Hong Kong’s now TV expands distribution –

ESPN Player on iPad –

Warner Bros, Disney, Roadshow & MGM Dissolve Aussie Pay TV Movie Partnership –

Net2TV Launches Portico Streaming TV Service – only on Philips TVs for now – B&C –

Telecom – India: FDI in telecom sector plunges to $43 mn in April-September FY13 –

Smallcells in airports is big opportunity, says femtocell firm –

Belgacom launches TV app store: Belgacom TV has launched a series of TV apps giving access to its own and third-…

BT cancels Pace YouView deal: UK telco BT has confirmed that it will not be using YouView boxes from manufacture…

New French DTT channels to launch this week: This Wednesday will see the launch of six new free-to-air HD channels…

KDG expands VOD platform: German cable operator Kabel Deutschland (KDG) has rolled its VOD service out to around…

Lovefilm launches on Nintendo Wii U: Following last week’s launch on the Nintendo Wii, OTT video-on-demand service…

The Daily is out!…

Marissa Mayer Signs Off On A Yahoo-NBC Sports Partnership –

Interesting that 2nd Screen tech is #1 – 11 Big Tech Trends You’ll See in 2013 –

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski just announced the formation of an agency-wide Technology Transitions Policy Task Force –

Dec 06, 2012 – Vikram R Chari’s Journal – Volume 2012 Issue 161


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DVRs Now in Half of US PayTV Homes –

Eska TV launches HbbTV app –

How to Reach Holiday Shoppers With MultiScreen Video –

Michael Lantz, Accedo’s CEO on How will the Smart TV experience evolve in 2013? –

Viasat inks new accord with NBCUniversal for Russia, Ukraine & CIS: Viasat Broadcasting has signed a new multi-year…

FCC Issues Declaratory Ruling on Opt-Out Confirmation Text Messages –

TV: the “only one medium that continually delivers mass reach” |

Majority of US multichannel homes have a DVR: Just over half (52%) of US households that subscribe to a multichannel…

Swisscom debuts Quing home automation: Switzerland’s biggest telco has today unveiled a major new smart ho…

Impact of portability of video distribution on the TV business –

Orange Vallée: “Multiscreen experiences are a priority for us”: Nicolas Bry, SVP Digital at France Telecom…

Smart TV – LG claims Smart TV first for Verizon FiOS: South Korean electronics manufacturer LG has introduced a new a… LG Smart TV App offers alternative to Verizon FiOS TV set-top box

Time Warner Cable is sick of overpaying for low-rating TV channels. But which channels are overpriced? The numbers:

How to get targeted ads on your TV? Try a camera in your set-top box –

Rentrak Pursues MRC Audit: Rentrak, which relies heavily on set-top-box data for TV measurement services,…

The IsatPhone Pro saved 7 lives out at sea, read the survival story here:

Forecast: Internet ad spend will outstrip all print in 2015 …

NewSat’s Jabiru Satellite Program will strengthen Internet on satellite solutions –

NewSat at the AfricaCom Cape Town –

Croatia ends 3rd quarter with 355,869 IPTV subscribers. Stronger growth in the take-up of DTH. Cable subs down quarter over quarter –

Cost factor of neutral host DAS is $350K + base stations (100K+ per netw). Numbers don’t work. Tenants would rather go with femto. Property developer: Not seeing a carrier agnostic in-building architecture being approved by operators. Needed.

Could HBO be going B2C? They’ve just launched a new Code Labs division to focus on digital apps – HBO places renewed focus on digital content, mobile apps with Seattle ‘Code Labs’ office –

Netflix will start getting Disney films while they are still on pay-per-view… but not until 2016

Satellite TV subscribers in Croatia pass the 100,000 mark –

IPTV – Moana TV IPTV to launch in Samoa in December –

India to become largest DTH and IPTV market in the world, says Frost & Sullivan –

BT improves IPTV customer experience –

IPTV in Australia: Quickflix cutting staff while Telstra bulking up –

Mware Solutions can help with your IPTV encoding and middleware –

Hibox has developed a sophisticated multiscreen IPTV/OTT middleware platform –

Operators will be able to optimize their service even more when Big Data will be enabled on the home gateway –

Amino to shutter Swedish office next year: UK set-top box manufacturer Amino has indicated that its 2012 …

BBC reinvents the Red Button: After 13 years of delivering Red Button interactive services, UK broadcaster…

Elemental Technologies: “Only software-based video compression solutions can keep up”: Keith Wymbs, VP…

Redknee CEO Lucas Skoczkowski: Size Matters – Acquisition of Nokia Siemens Network assets could give scale needed for telecom BSS sector, …

Mobile – Latest SA Research: France Handset Vendor Marketshare by Operator: Q3 2012 –

Multiplatform to fore as Sky Italia enhances Sky Go, Articles:…

LOVEFiLM launches on Wii, Wii U to come soon:

TV Everywhere in more places for Elemental Technologies:

CenturyLink Selects Amdocs for OSS Consolidation –

CDN – Akamai completes Verivue acquisition: US firm Akamai, a global provider of Content Delivery Network (CDN) …

How to Simplify Television Asset Management Requirements –…

Redbox Instant to launch consumer beta this month: US telco Verizon will be launching a consumer beta of…

iiNet multicasting IPTV over the NBN –

LIME delivers OTT video with a Caribbean flavour: Cable & Wireless Communications’ Caribbean division, LIM…

PlayStation 3 most popular for viewing Netflix on TVs: Sony Computer Entertainment America and Netflix have…

Multiscreen – Tip-toeing Towards A Multi-Screen Future | Media Week | Media Week Blogs

OTT – Mexico’s Totalmovie launches global OTT video service: Totalmovie, part of Mexico’s Grupo Salinas, has revealed…

IPTV Copaco to launch in Paraguay on December

Entone FusionTV fuels world’s first premium internet TV service –

DTV/IPTV – Romanian digital cable take-up on the rise –

Streaming Video – Redbox Instant won’t be ready until next year, after all –

iiNet primero en certificar Multicast en IPTV sobre standard NBN, que garantiza la mejor calidad de video en IPTV…

Google mulled adding home phone service in Kansas City fiber packages, backed away due to…

Dec 01, 2012 – Vikram R Chari’s Journal – Volume 2012 Issue 160


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IPTV – Telefonica standardizes on Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV –

The IPTV Daily Newsletter is out!

IPTV – Espial’s Kirk Edwardson tells how to power a compelling multi-screen user experience with open IP middleware –

OTT – Deutsche Telekom SVP: “I don’t see external OTT services as a threat”: Gerry O’Sullivan, Senior Vice President…

The FCC ignores its own report, which warns that further media consolidation is a threat to media diversity –

WiMAX/TD-LTE – Clearwire takes the knife to Data abusers –

‘Multi-User’ and Network Set-Top Box Top Solekai’s Agenda –

Verizon launches TV channels for iPad viewing –

VidTech Insider web series –

OTT – The perils of setting up OTT video in Australia and the challenges that await Quickflix –

Connected TV/Social TV/IPTV – A video review of Google Fiber TV in America including second screen integration –

YouTube sees itself as TV platform, says partnership chief –

Satellite – Astrium Services to Demonstrate Latest Maritime Solutions for Middle East –

LTE/4G – EE raises data caps on 4G mobile broadband plans –

Asia Plus launched on Qtel’s Mozaic TV –

Vimond, Unified Streaming forge dynamic remuxing partnership –

IPTV Second screen means shift in focus for advertisers, says Ogylvy & Mather: People now spend around 11 hours…

Univision’s UVideos Launches on Xbox Live –

Telecom – MegaFon raises £1.1bn in London IPO –

Can Smart TV replicate the success of the mobile apps market? Accedo’s Michael Lantz gives his opinion to CSI Magazine –

OTT – Sky’s Now TV service comes to Roku streaming boxes in the UK –

Smart TV today, dumb TV tomorrow: strong Smart TV sales mask the uncomfortable truth –

OTT changing viewer habits –

Managed IPTV, OTT to drive fixed broadband growth –

Accenture: Half of U.S. Consumers Watch OTT Video on TVs –

Streaming Video – The Looming Battle –

OTT Video Views Explode On Multiple Screens –

Discovery growing in outside of the US market places –

The Web optimization, policy and DPI market is expected to reach $2bn in 2013 according to ABI Research…

The LG Intuition has a beautiful larger tablet-style screen! –

Social TV – Peel partners with Samsung to take Social TV international –…

IPTV Video is essential to online news – just ask Brightcove: Jeff Whatcott would say that – after all, he is –

Online Video has doubled Mobile Data usage over the past 12 months –

FTTH – Ars asks: Help us max out Google Fiber –

Satellite – AsiaSat Secures Backup Launch Services with Sea Launch –

Broadcast TV -What is Form 317, you ask? Paul Cicelski tells you… FCC Form 317 Deadline is Near –…

Should the FCC review telecom mergers?

VoLTE – Early implementations of VoLTE are power-hungry –… Voice calls over 4G LTE networks are battery killers –

Femtocells – Data Consumption on the Rise: Small Cells are Key Solutions to Offload Network Congestion:

NOW TV launches on Roku” – Roku’s Euro strategy rolls on. Curious to see what other catch-up clients will launch –…

MPEG DASH and HEVC, and that talk grew louder and angrier as the conference went on. Will standards lead to the end of the world as we know it? –

220 million Smart TV sets will be sold globally in 2017, up from the 54 million expected in 2012 – Smart-TV sales will exceed 50 million globally in 2012, but most will remain unconnected.

Youth revolution: half US and UK viewers consume TV via broadband –

Mobile – Redknee announces Cellular One deal –…

Carrier Ethernet – Carriers to spend $1B on small cell backhaul by 2017 says Mobile Experts –

Carrier Ethernet – BTC cuts wholesale Internet prices by half in Botswana –

Satellite – NewCom Intl Deploys iDirect Powered Distance Learning Network in Colombia –

Satellite TV Rapidly Growing its Market Share in Thailand –

Telefónica Digital invests in dynamic app platform developer:

STB – Its A New Era Of Set Top Box Domination –

Satellite – SES’ work to install satellite equipment for the Burkina Faso parliamentary election –

Streaming Video – YouTube On The Wii U – Another Step Towards The New World Of TV. Controls on pad equals no clutter on TV –

Zapstreak, The Android Airplay Alternative, Launches Globally Today –

Sprint starts assembling a connected car dream team –

Quickflix (Australia) cost of a new customer is $60 (up from $31) HBO deal is ‘unaffected by FOXTEL Contract’ –

DRM – Chill offers DRM-free video-on-demand from content creators –

Redbox Instant video streaming said to launch in December –

Next argument against flawed ITU WCIT12 proposals for Internet governance – WTO agreements & rules:…

Comcast Compensates Woman For Exploding Cable Box – After Explosion Destroys Cable Box and Television –

EGoM on telecom deferred again –

Netflix’s “house of Cards” looks compelling, but will binge release strategy pay off? –

Rogers Invests In Interactive TV Startup Aiming at Smart TVs – TV Interactive Systems Relaunches as Cognitive Networks, Names Michael Collette CEO –

Bahrain’s Batelco selects IPTV middleware from Oregan Networks: Bahraini Telco Batelco has selected middleware…

HTML5 – Canadian TV software firm Espial buys HTML5 user interface specialist ANT for $8m –

Netflix and Amazon: Quite the co-opetition case study –

Nov 25, 2012 – Vikram R Chari’s Journal – Volume 2012 Issue 159


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Middle East and Africa will have highest cloud traffic growth by 2016, finds Cisco Global Cloud Index –

Maxdome VOD launches on PS3 – developed by Accedo – German over-the-top (OTT) video service Maxdome has launched a VOD app on PS3 –

Informa: global online video market to hit US37bn by 2017: Video services delivered “over-the-top” of broadband networks…

LoveFilm gets down with the kids: UK-based over-the-top (OTT) video service LoveFilm has signed a content …

STB – Microsoft’s Xbox TV set top box ‘to launch in 2013’ – – Microsoft is building low-cost alternative to its Xbox console, designed to provide access to core entertainment services as a set-top box

Mobile video offers key opportunity says Clearwire CTO –

LTE + Smartphones = potential headache for Australian FTTH operators –

Mobile – Airtel expands African mobile money service –

SIP – SIP Trunking ROI Calculator: How much can you save? Calculate at –

Comcast Remains Neutral – Analyst Blog – NASDAQ –

Social TV – Sailing on the social TV river –

Russia’s Vimpelcom makes a Beeline for new channels: Russian service provider Vimpelcom has added 16 new channels…

Hull ISP KC Launches YouView Based Broadband TV Services –…

Streaming video to TV: still an unsolved problem –

Two Analysts Just Went To Kansas City To Check Out Google Fiber—And They Were Blown Away –

SDN – Why Network Engineers Are Sick of SDN – And What Vendors Can Do About It: 2012′s dominant networking buzzword –

Analyst Jeff Hynen weighs in on – China Rolls Its Own Ethernet-over-Coax Standard –

Telecom – Slovenian company plans to enter telecommunication market of Nakhchivan …